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The Volkswagen Golf is a subcompact automobile produced by German automaker Volkswagen because 1974, advertised internationally over 7 decades, inside different body designs plus below many nameplates – because the Volkswagen Rabbit inside the United States plus Canada, plus because

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four-stroke diesel 2004-2009 Haynes Owners Service Repair Manual Covers: Golf/Golf Plus (Mk 'V') Hatchback Estate and Jetta Saloon. DOES NOT cover GTi 30 GTi Pirelli R32 or 4-Motion models. Petrol Engines Covered (four cylinderinder): 1.4 liter (1390 cc) Dual Overhead Cam (BCA BUD) 1.4 liter (1390 cc) Dual Overhead Cam direct injection (BKG BLN) 1.6 liter (1595 cc) SOHC (BGU BSE and BSF) 1.6 liter (1598 cc) Dual Overhead Cam direct injection (BAG BLP BLF) 2.0 liter (1984 cc) Dual Overhead Cam direct injection (AXW BLR BLX BLY BVX BVY BVZ) 2.0 liter (1984 cc) Dual Overhead Cam direct injection turbo (AXX BPY BWA) four-stroke diesel Engines Covered (four cylinderinder): one point nine liter (1896 cc) SOHC turbo (BJB BKC BRU BLS BXE BXF) 2.0 liter (1968 cc) SOHC (BDK) 2.0 liter (1968 cc) SOHC turbo (BMM) 2.0 liter (1968 cc) Dual Overhead Cam turbo (AZV BKD BMN) DOES NOT cover 1.4 liter TSi supercharged/turbo engine. DOES NOT cover 1.6 liter TDi engine. Contents: * Living with Your VW Golf Jetta * Roadside Repairs * Weekly Checks * Lubricants Fluids * Tyre Pressures * Routine Maintenance Service * 1.6 liter SOHC Petrol Engine In-Car Repair Procedures * additional info.....

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centimetre ) DOHC petrol 4 cylinder (motor code examples AZD and BCB) 1.8 litre (1781 cubic centimetre ) DOHC petrol 4 cylinder including turbo (motor code examples AUM and AUQ) 2.0 litre (1984 cubic centimetre ) Single Over Head Camshaft petrol 4 cylinder (motor code examples APK AQY AZH and AZJ) motors (four-stroke diesel): one point nine litre (1896 cubic centimetre ) Single Over Head Camshaft four-stroke diesel 4 cylinder (motor code examples AGP and AQM) one point nine litre (1896 cubic centimetre ) Single Over Head Camshaft turbo-four-stroke diesel 4 cylinder (motor code examples AGR AHF ALH and ASV) one point nine litre (1896 cubic centimetre ) Single Over Head Camshaft turbo-four-stroke diesel 4 cylinder with unit injectors (motor code examples AJM ARL ASZ ATD AUY and AXR) Does NOT cover 2.3 litre V5 2.8 litre V6 petrol motor or 3.2 litre V6 petrol motor. Does NOT cover V5 4-Motion R32 Cabriolet or new Golf Mk V range introduced January 2004 in Europe much more info

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centimetre ) "AEX" "APQ" one point four liter (1391 cubic centimetre ) "ABD" one point four literL (1398 cubic centimetre ) "ABD" 1.6 liter (1595 cubic centimetre ) "AEK" "AFT" "AKS" 1.6 liter (1598 cubic centimetre ) "ABU" "AEA" "AEE" 1.8 liter (1781 cubic centimetre ) "AAM" "ABS" "ADZ" "ANN" "ANP" 2.0 liter (1984 cubic centimetre ) "2E" "ADY" "AGG" "AKR" "ATU" "AWF" "AWG" SOHC 8-valve 2.0 liter (1984 cubic centimetre ) "ABF" DOHC 16-valve Diesel Engines Covered: one point nine liter (1896 cubic centimetre ) "1Y" indirect injection "AEY" direct injection diesel one point nine liter (1896 cubic centimetre ) "AAZ" indirect injection "1Z" "AFN" "AHU" "ALE" "AVG" direct injection turbo diesel DOES NOT cover 2.8 liter VR6 engine Inside this manual you will find: scheduled upkeep tune-up procedures motor maintenance cooling and heating air-conditioning fuel and exhaust air pollution control ignition brakes suspension and Rack and pinion electrical systems and electrical schematics. Haynes repair manuals can save you money on bills for repair and maintenance. click here

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centimetre " petrol* one point nine liter (1896 cubic centimetre ) "AAZ" turbo diesel* 2.0 liter (1984 cubic centimetre ) "ABA" petrolThis manual includes information on the Cabrio and GTi models but not the 2.8 L VR6 modelContents:* About This Manual; Introduction To The VW Golf GTI And Jetta; Vehicle Identification Numbers; Buying Parts; Maintenance Techniques Tools And Working Facilities; Jacking And Towing; Booster Battery (Jump) Starting; Automotive Chemicals And Lubricants; Conversion Factors; Fraction/Decimal/Millimeter Equivalents; Safety First!; Troubleshooting* Tune-Up And Routine Maintenance* 1.8 liter And 2.0 liter 4-Cylinder Gasoline Engines* one point nine liter Diesel Engine* General Engine Overhaul Procedures* Cooling Heating And Air Conditioning Systems* Fuel System - Single-Point Fuel Injection* Fuel System - Multi-Port Fuel Injection* Fuel System - Diesel Engine Models* Starting And Charging Systems* Ignition System - Gasoline-Engined Models* Pre-Heating System - Diesel-Engined Models* Emissions Control And Exhaust pipess* 5-Speed Manual Transaxle* 4-Speed Automatic Transaxle* Clutch And Driveaxles* Brakes* springs and shock absorbers click on

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cubic centimetre 1471 cubic centimetre )#9679;1.6 liter (1588 cubic centimetre )#9679;1.8 liter (1781 cubic centimetre )DOES NOT cover Diesel models or Caddy Information on Repair and Service Manuals Note that repair manuals are normally produced for models sold in a particular country. Differences in specification can exist between models sold in different countries and items such as installed motors can differ. Please check that the manual will cover your model before purchase and if you need more detail please contact us here.. full details


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Engines covered:� 1.8 liter Dual Overhead Cam 4-Cylinder (AWD AWW AWP) petrol turbo� 2.0 liter SOHC 4-Cylinder (AEG APH AZG) non-turbo petrolfour-stroke diesel Engines Covered:� 1.9 liter SOHC 4-Cylinder (ALH) TDi (Turbo Direct Injection four-stroke diesel)Please note this manual DOES NOT COVER:• Models with the VR6 engine the 5 cylinder engine 2004 and later TPI-PD four-stroke diesel engine R32 AWD models or early 1999 models based on the A3 platform.• The 2.8L Narrow-Angle Vee Six engine.JETTA owners please NOTE: This manual will not cover repairs on the engine in the GLX or GLS VR6.Contents:� Routine Maintenance� routine engine tuning� Engine Repair� Cooling And Heating� airconditioner maintenance� Fuel And Exhaust� Emissions Control� Ignition braking system� springs and shock absorbers And Steering� Electrical Systems� electrical schematicsNOTE: Only maintenance adjustment simple maintenance tasks plus removal and installation are described for the gearboxs. come here

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and "AXP" Dual Overhead Cam petrol* 1.6 liter (1595cc) "AEH" "AKL" and "APF" SOHC petrol* 1.6 liter (1597cc) "ATN" and "AUS" Dual Overhead Cam petrol* 1.8 liter (1781cc) "AGN" Dual Overhead Cam petrol* 1.8 liter (1781cc) "AGU" "AQA" and "ARZ" Dual Overhead Cam petrol turbo* one point nine liter (1896cc) "AGP" and "AQM" direct-injection four-stroke diesel* one point nine liter (1896cc) "AGR" "AHF" "ALH" and "ASV" direct-injection turbo-four-stroke diesel* 2.0 liter (1984cc) "APK" and "AQY" SOHC petrolDOES NOT cover:* 2.3 liter V5 petrol motor* one point nine liter `PD` four-stroke diesel motorContents:* Routine Maintenance* Tune-Up Procedures* motor Repair* Cooling And Heating* airconditioner maintenance* Fuel And Exhaust* air pollution control* Ignition Brakes* springs and shock absorbers And Steering* Electrical Systems* electrical schematicsNOTE: Only maintenance adjustment minor repair procedures plus removal and installation are described for the Transmissions. additional info.....

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between models sold in different countries and items such as installed motors can differ. Please check that the manual will cover your model before purchase and if you need more detail please contact us here.. click on

the Volkswagen Caribe inside Mexico.
The authentic Golf Mk1 had been a front-wheel drive, front-engined substitution for the air-cooled, rear-engined, rear-wheel drive Volkswagen Beetle. Historically, the Golf is Volkswagen's best-selling model as well as the world's next best-selling model, with over 29 million built by 2012.
Many manufacturing of the Golf was initially inside the 3-door hatchback design. Other variants include a 5-door hatchback, estate/wagon, convertible, along with a Golf-derived notchback saloon/sedan, variously called Volkswagen Jetta, Volkswagen Vento or Volkswagen Bora. The vehicles have filled various marketplace segments, from simple individual vehicles, with high-performance hot hatches.
The Volkswagen Golf has earned numerous awards throughout its history. The Volkswagen Golf earned the World Car of the Year inside 2009 with all the Volkswagen Golf Mk6 plus inside 2013 with all the Volkswagen Golf Mk7. Every generation of Golf has been a runner-up inside the European Car of the Year awards plus 2 have been winners, the Golf Mk3 inside 1992 as well as the Golf Mk7 inside 2013. The Volkswagen Golf has created the Car plus Driver yearly 10Best list several instances.

Despite many sources recommending which the Golf nameplate is extracted within the German word for Gulf Stream — throughout a period inside its history whenever VW called cars following prominent winds or currents, Jetta, Bora plus Scirocco) or which "Golf" is a sport theme-related name because shared with all the Polo plus Derby— a 2013 report by previous VW advertising copywriter Bertel Schmitt, states which — following contacting knowledgeable VW sources including Dr. Carl Hahn, previous Volkswagen of America Chief plus WP Schmidt, past sales chief at Volkswagen — no conclusive evidence suggests which Volkswagen employed a naming theme for the then hot front-drive, water-cooled vehicles; neither which the names trace etymologically with any certain theme; neither which any naming program "was ever announced, either officially or confidentially."

The Volkswagen Golf Mk2 succeeded the Mk1 because Volkswagen's amount seller from 1983 plus stayed inside creation till late 1992. The Mk2 was greater than the Mk1; its wheelbase grew slightly), because did outdoor dimensions, width + 55 mm, height + 5 mm). Weight was up accordingly by about 120 kg. Exterior shape, developed in-house by VW shape director Schäfer, kept the general lines of its Giugiaro-designed predecessor, nevertheless was somewhat more rounded. All told, regarding 6.3 million second-generation Golfs were built.

The second-generation Volkswagen Golf was introduced inside Europe at the Frankfurt Motor Show inside September 1983, with sales beginning inside its homeland plus many alternative left-hand drive markets after. It debuted inside March 1984 found on the British marketplace, plus it was introduced because a 1985 model inside the US. It showcased a bigger bodyshell, along with a wider range of engine choices, including a GTD turbodiesel diesel engine), a DOHC 1781 cc 16-valve variation of the straight-four GTI 8v GTI), the supercharged 8v "G60" with front- plus four-wheel drive choices, along with a racing homologated variant of the, the "Rallye Golf". This model was meant with come with the US also, plus prototypes were prepared, nevertheless it didn't become.
The authentic Golf had been among the limited front-wheel drive hatchbacks about sale whenever established inside 1974, yet inside a decade most main producers had introduced a Golf-like family hatchback. Ford had flipped with front-wheel drive hatchback formatting for the MK3 Escort inside 1980, after General Motors had modified which concept for the newest Opel Kadett. Austin Rover didn't enter the tiny family hatchback marketplace till the release of its Maestro at the beginning of 1983, though it had introduced its bigger Maxi hatchback because lengthy ago because 1969 plus inside 1976 had taken the then unusual step of launching a hatchback bodystyle about a deluxe automobile. Peugeot wouldn't launch its initially Golf-sized hatchback till late 1985, yet it had taken ownership of Chrysler's European division inside 1978, merely following the launch of the Chrysler/Simca Horizon hatchback. But, the loves of Fiat, Renault plus Volvo had all entered the little family hatchback marketplace by the finish of the 1970s. The hatchback bodystyle had additionally become common about vehicles yielded outside Europe, especially about Japanese models.
In 1985, British motoring magazine What Car? granted the Golf Mk2 1985 "Car of the Year".
But, the Golf was overshadowed inside the 1984 European Car of the Year contest, completing 3rd however, being seriously outscored by the victorious Fiat Uno plus runner-up Peugeot 205, that were synonymous inside size with Volkswagen's small Polo.
During the lifetime of the Golf 2, there were a amount of exterior fashion revisions. Notable changes with the looks of the Golf 2 included the treatment of quarterlight windows inside the front doorways, as well as the introduction of greater grill slats with all the August 1987 facelift. The many notable was the introduction of so-called "Big Bumpers", that were introduced inside the European marketplace with an August 1989 facelift. They were obtainable in the US from August 1989 also, because element of the "Wolfsburg Edition" package. They were not standardized till January, 1990.
This Golf was advertised for the very first time with which name inside the United States plus Canada. The Rabbit name chosen found on the Mk1 was meant with provide a auto a cuddly image, yet with all the eighties redesign of the vehicle, Carl Hahn, the previous Volkswagen of America president that was today chairman of the entire business, dictated which Volkswagen model names be standardised internationally. James Fuller, head of the Volkswagen brand inside North America, concurred inside utilizing the Golf name with strain the car's Teutonic character. The GTI body kit became accessible about a non-injection Golf plus was available because the "Driver" trim level inside Europe. While the GTI stayed a trim level inside the Golf lineup inside Europe, inside certain markets, it was advertised because a separate model line.
Volkswagen furthermore yielded their model inside Yugoslavia, inside a factory at Vogosca close Sarajevo, called Tvornica Automobila Sarajevo - TAS. The MK2 was yielded from 1985 with a annual creation of 25,000 units till the war inside 1990. This model was yielded just for the six Yugoslav republics, with a back badge Jx, C plus CL plus TAS badge found on the front grill. Engines were 1.3, 1.6 petrol plus 1.6 diesel.

The European Car of the Year honor was established inside 1964 with a collective of car publications from different nations inside Europe. The present organisers of the honor are Car, Autocar, Autopista, Autovisie, L'Automobile Magazine, Stern plus Vi Bilägare.
The voting jury consists of motoring journalists from magazines throughout Europe. Representation from every nation is based found on the size of the country's vehicle marketplace plus vehicle production industry. The jury for 2012 consisted of 59 members from 23 nations.
There are no categories or class winners — the reported goal is to obtain a "single, decisive winner" amidst all contending vehicles.
The 2013 ECOTY was announced about March 4, 2013, at the Geneva Motor Show inside Geneva, Switzerland, the winner being the Volkswagen Golf.

Eligible vehicles are brand-new models introduced inside the twelve months before the honor. The honor is not limited with European vehicles, yet nominees should be obtainable in at smallest five European nations, plus have expected sales of 5,000 a year.
Nominees are judged found on the following criteria: shape, comfort, protection, economy, handling, performance, functionality, ecological specifications, driver reassurance plus cost. Technical innovation plus value for income are furthermore significant factors.
A shortlist of 7 vehicles is chosen with a easy vote. For the final round of voting, every jury associate has 25 points with distribute amidst the finalists. The points need to be distributed with at minimum five vehicles, without over 10 with any 1 auto, plus no joint top marks. The voting is open, plus every jury associate offers published justification for their vote distribution.
Under these rules, the decisiveness of the victory has varied greatly.
For instance, inside 1988, the Peugeot 405 earned by 212 points, the largest gap inside the history of the European Car of the Year competition; these feat was repeated inside 2013, because the Mk VII Volkswagen Golf earned by the same points gap inside 2013. In 2010 the Volkswagen Polo earned with a mere 10 points, received maximum points from twenty-five jurors, plus was the best choice of 59.
The Renault Clio plus Volkswagen Golf are truly the only vehicles with have earned the honor over when.

The third-generation Volkswagen Golf Mk3 became a auto introduced inside Europe inside November 1992, plus inside North America inside the spring of 1994. The delay inside North America was due with Volkswagen's choice to provide U.S. and Canadian dealerships with Mk3 Golfs within the VW plant inside Puebla, Mexico. Quality control issues led Volkswagen of America with refuse Golfs plus Jettas from Mexico; soon thereafter work unrest at the plant delayed manufacturing there even further. The third-generation Golf plus Jetta initially appeared inside North America because 1993 models inside the San Diego, California location plus inside Canada, then inside the autumn inside the rest of North America because 1994 models. The Mk3 Cabrio changed the Volkswagen Cabriolet, that continued the authentic Golf till 1993, though the authentic Golf, available because Rabbit inside the United States plus Canada ceased sales inside 1984. The Mk3 Cabrio continued till the 2002 model year, whenever Volkswagen changed it with a convertible adaptation of the Volkswagen New Beetle.
Three-door Golfs of the generation were largely just obtainable in North America inside GTI shape. For the first-time, an property was yielded, delivering it into line with key competitors like the Ford Escort plus Vauxhall/Opel Astra that had lengthy been accessible because estates. The GT variants included a 2.8LVR6 engine, along with a convertible established because the Cabrio.

A 16-valve variation of the third-generation Golf GTI was introduced inside 1993. The engine was enlarged with 2.0 L, with energy today achieving 150 PS. While less driven than the VR6, it was nevertheless reasonably favored with driving fanatics inside Europe, considering it available synonymous force without the thirst or taxes load of the 6 cylinder. As with past versions the Golf Driver took its destination because the official GTI-look-alike nevertheless with a single-point injected 1.8 L engine.

1998 Volkswagen Cabrio GLS
The Golf Mk3 was additionally the predecessor of the "diesel craze" which swept by Europe inside the late 1990s plus early 2000s, whenever Volkswagen introduced the direct-injection program with all the 90 PS Golf TDI inside 1993.
Additionally available had been a naturally aspirated variation of the 1.9 L diesel engine, the SDI, providing 47 kW.
The Golf Mk3 was moreover obtainable in "Ecomatic" shape. It was driven with a diesel engine along with a clutchless guide transmission. The car might freewheel by starting of the clutch because shortly because the accelerator is introduced, as well as the engine was flipped off following a further 1.5 seconds of inactivity, whether by stopping or coasting. Restarting the engine merely needed depressing the accelerator pedal. VW had earlier pioneered synonymous development inside the VW Polo "Formel E" inside the 1980s.

Volkswagen Golf mk 3 GL interior
There was furthermore a limited manufacturing run of about 250 "CityStromer" cars, primarily available with the German marketplace, that were totally electrical cars, incorporating 6 batteries inside the engine bay, along with a further 10 under the luggage region. It had a range of around 50 km. The car may be filled with a tiny amount of diesel with offer heat for the cabin.
As had occurred with all the Mk1 plus Mk2, the Mk3 stayed obtainable in US for a year following it was discontinued inside Europe. The Mk3 continued with be yielded for the 1999 model year where it was available inside North plus South America. These 1999 Mk3 vehicles were the last yielded inside the planet plus available alongside the Mk4 inside showrooms.

Volkswagen yielded a limited amount of 1000 special-edition 3 plus 5-door GTI Anniversary models, celebrating 20 years of the GTI model. This had the routine GTI specification nevertheless came built with unique chequered Recaro front sport seats plus matching back seats bearing the GTI logo, red seat belts front plus back, half-chromed plus leather golfing ball gear knob, red stitched leather steering wheel plus handbrake gaiter. The launch knob found on the hand brake was furthermore red plus silver instrument dials. Floor mats moreover had red piping along their edges. The red theme continued externally with a red striping found on the bumpers plus red brake calipers. The wheels were 16" x 7" split rim BBS RS 722 alloys, visually synonymous with the 15" which were found about VR6 model. Brush stainless steel back twin tailpipes found on the exhaust plus smoked front fog plus signal lights with match the back lights. 3 optional extras were prepared available; electrical sunroof, air conditioner plus metallic black paintwork. Insurance was based found on the standard GTI that created this variation a especially desirable model. The edition was available inside just 6 color schemes as well as the 1000 amount figures which were yielded was because follows; 600 8 valve models, 150 16 valve models plus 250 TDI models. The diesel model was just yielded for the European marketplace plus wasn't available inside the UK. Unfortunately most models fell into the UK business auto plus rent marketplace before the second-hand marketplace as well as its believed just a some 100 nevertheless survive. However, another element inside the rarity of Mark 3 Golfs, unlike the good build standard of the Mark 2, at smallest inside the UK, is the low standard steel sourced by VW about several times, plus selected over the range, from entry model with VR6. According with independent mechanics plus components experts, plus MOT testers, the floorpan, both door sills, plus back hatch could suffer serious decompose plus disintegration, plus anyone planning with purchase 1 is advised with check for decompose, plus holes plus patches with the floorpan.

The Volkswagen Golf Mk5, built found on the Volkswagen Group A5 platform, was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show inside October 2003 plus went about sale inside Europe 1 month later. It reached North American markets inside June 2006 rebadged with all the revived Rabbit nameplate.
The Golf Mk5 was changed inside 2009 by the Mk6.

Suspension changes plus cautious tuning of the chassis, led with the Mk5 Golf delivering greater ride plus handling. But, this sacrificed usable cargo area despite this model's considerable heighten inside size over the outgoing model. Its hatch amount is about 3 cubic feet less.

Volkswagen Rabbit 3-door
The inside standard of the past generation has been lost, plus though nevertheless of the high quality plus before rivals, the Golf no longer matches the in-house Audi A3.
The Golf Mk5 has proven pricey with build - mostly due with its lengthy 50-hour build time.
Its substitution, the Mk6, has been moved forward within the earlier reported 2009 inside Europe with Autumn 2008, after its official premiere at the Paris Motor Show inside September 2008.
Options for machines plus transmissions differ from nation with nation, yet the Golf Mk5 is accessible with 4-cylinder petrol motors, along with a hot Pumpe Duse device injector Turbocharged Direct Injection diesel engine. Transmission choices include manual, automatic, Tiptronic, plus Direct-Shift Gearbox.
The GTI comes with VW's 4-cylinder 2.0L Turbo Fuel Stratified Injection that makes 210 PS plus 280 N·m torque. Transmissions include a 6-speed guide or 6-speed DSG.
In September 2005, the Golf Mk5 GT was announced, that showcased a choice of either 1.4 L petrol engine inside twincharger configuration, or perhaps a 2.0 litre TDI. Both are accessible because 125 kW versions; when the diesel furthermore is accessible because a 140 PS variant inside the UK. The 170 PS diesel has 350 N·m of torque, that is over the range topping R32.
The fresh Twincharger petrol engine utilizes Fuel Stratified Injection, and a pair of chargers forcing the induction of the air. The chargers are a single supercharger which disengages following a certain rev-range, where point charging of the air is handled with a single turbocharger. This program advantages within the pumping efficiency of the supercharger at lower revs as well as the gas efficiency of the turbocharger at significant revs. This results inside more continual force delivery by the rev range, plus greater fuel efficiency. Both petrol plus diesel versions are moreover accessible with DSG. Performance figures for the petrol car are 0-100 km/h inside 6.9s plus 6.9s, with all the diesel taking 8.2s, plus both achieving top speed of 220 km/h.

A convertible is a kind of car of many vehicle body designs which may convert from open-air mode with a provisional enclosed mode.
Roof designs have varied commonly plus have evolved within the earliest models, where roofs were demountable and/or detachable. Contemporary roofs are usually hinged with fold away, either into a recess behind the back seats or into the boot or torso of the car. The rooftop might work either manually or automatically through hydraulic or electric actuators, as well as the rooftop itself can be designed of soft or rigid information. Soft-tops are made from plastic, canvas or additional textile information, when hard-tops are made from steel, aluminum, plastic, or different rigid contents.
Convertibles will additionally be called drop top, rag top, roadster, cabriolet, or cabrio. Hard-top convertibles can be called coupé cabriolet, coupé convertible, retractable hardtop or, whenever built with 2 seats, coupé roadster/roadster coupé.

Roof designs fluctuate generally, nevertheless a some characteristics are popular with all convertibles. Roofs are affixed with the body of the car plus are not detachable. Instead the roof is hinged plus folds away, either into a recess behind the back seats or into the boot or torso of the car. The rooftop will work either manually or automatically through hydraulic or electric actuators; the rooftop itself can be designed of soft or rigid information. Soft-tops are made from plastic, canvas or alternative textile material; hard-top convertibles have roofs made of steel, aluminium, carbon fibre, or plastic components.


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