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The Holden Commodore, Berlina, Calais plus Ute are a range of full-size vehicles yielded from 2006 with 2013 by Holden, the Australian subsidiary of General Motors. Succeeding the past VZ model, the VE marked the introduction of the 4th generation of

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liter Vee Six Alloytec SiDi * LEO - LY7 3.6 liter Vee Six Alloytec * LLT - LFX 3.6 liter Vee Six Alloytec SiDi * L98 - 6.0 liter Gen IV vee eight * LS2 - 6.0 liter Gen IV vee eight (HSV) * L76 - 6.0 liter Gen IV AFM vee eight * L77 - 6.0 liter Gen IV AFM vee eight * LS3 - 6.2 liter Gen IV vee eight (HSV) Please Note: * SiDi = Spark Ignition Direct Injection * AFM = Active Fuel Management (cylinder deactivation) DOES NOT cover LPG models Contents: * Introductory Pages About this Manual; Introduction to the Holden Commodore VE; Vehicle Identification Numbers; Recall Information; Buying Parts; Maintenance Techniques Tools and Working Facilities; Jump Starting; Jacking and Towing; Automotive Chemicals and Lubricants; Conversion Factors; Safety First!; Troubleshooting * Scheduled maintenance and tuning * 3.0 liter 3.6 liter Vee Six Alloytec Engine * 6.0 liter Gen IV vee eight Engine * General Engine overhaul Procedures * Cooling Heating and Air Conditioning Systems * Fuel and Exhaust Systems * Engine wirings * Emissions Engine Control Systems * Manual gearbox * Automatic gearbox * Clutch Driveline * Brakes * Suspension and Rack and pinion Systems * Body * Chassis wiring related info

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● LLT - LFX 3.6 litre V6 Alloytec SiDi ● L98 - 6.0 litre Gen IV V8 ● LS2 - 6.0 litre Gen IV V8 (HSV) ● L76 - 6.0 litre Gen IV AFM V8 ● L77 - 6.0 litre Gen IV AFM V8 ● LS3 - 6.2 litre Gen IV V8 (HSV) Please Note: ● SiDi = Spark Ignition Direct Injection ● AFM = Active Fuel Management (cylinder deactivation) DOES NOT cover LPG models Contents: ● Introductory Pages About this Manual; Introduction to the Holden Commodore VE; Vehicle Identification Numbers; Recall Information; Buying Parts; Maintenance Techniques Tools and Working Facilities; Jump Starting; Jacking and Towing; Automotive Chemicals and Lubricants; Conversion Factors; Safety First!; Troubleshooting ● Tune-up and Routine Maintenance ● 3.0 litre 3.6 litre V6 Alloytec Engine ● 6.0 litre Gen IV V8 Engine ● General Engine overhaul ● Engine Electrical Systems ● Emissions Engine Control Systems ● Manual gearbox ● Automatic gearbox ● friction clutch Driveline ● Brakes ● springs and shock absorbers and Steering Systems ● Body ● Chassis Electrical System ● electrical information

The Holden Commodore, Berlina, Calais plus Ute are a range of full-size vehicles yielded from 2006 with 2013 by Holden, the Australian subsidiary of General Motors.

Succeeding the past VZ model, the VE marked the introduction of the 4th generation of Holden Commodore—a model line introduced inside 1978. As opposed with the VZ plus all models past that employed Opel-sourced platforms modified both mechanically plus inside size for the area marketplace, the VE programme is the initial Commodore with be developed only by Holden inside Australia. Despite its status because an all-new model, engines—comprising the 3.6-litre V6 plus more effective 6.0-litre V8—have been mostly carried over within the VZ series. Innovative attributes to aid minimise export redevelopment fees, like a symmetrical centre system housing a flush-fitting hand brake lever, facilitate the conversion with left-hand drive. Internationally, the VE is badge designed because the Chevrolet Lumina, Chevrolet Omega plus earlier because the Pontiac G8 from 2007 with 2009.

Holden implemented a staged roll-out of the VE variants, releasing the sedan initial inside July 2006. Before this, Holden reported they might manufacture 2 parallel decades of Commodores till the hot station wagon plus utility body designs were introduced. Variants by Holden's performance car partner, Holden Special Vehicles, were introduced after the sedan's first alongside the long-wheelbase WM Statesman/Caprice models. The VE Ute didn't enter creation till 2007 whenever it was accompanied by the previewing of the Sportwagon concept. The Sportwagon itself was subsequently introduced inside July 2008 with all the standard Commodore wheelbase rather of the extended wheelbase of past Commodore wagons.

Updates with the VE have come inside the shape of model year changes from early 2007 onwards. Typically subtle inside nature, these repeated changes have included changes with colors plus trim, improved standard equipment, along with a reduction inside gas expenditure. More noteworthy changes have come inside the shape of the small 3.0-litre V6 engine for entry-level versions plus "Series II" styling revisions inside late 2010.

A V8 engine is a V engine with 8 cylinders installed found on the crankcase inside 2 banks of 4 cylinders, inside many instances set at a proper angle with every alternative nevertheless occasionally at a narrower angle, with all 8 pistons driving a normal crankshaft.

In its easiest shape, it happens to be basically 2 straight-4 motors sharing a popular crankshaft. But, this easy configuration, with a single-plane crankshaft, has the same secondary dynamic imbalance issues because 2 straight-4s, causing vibrations inside big engine displacements. As a happen, because the 1920s many V8s have chosen the somewhat more complex crossplane crankshaft with thick counterweights with eliminate the vibrations. This results inside an engine that is easier than a V6, whilst being considerably cheaper than a V12 engine. Most racing V8s continue with utilize the single airplane crankshaft considering it enables quicker acceleration plus better exhaust program designs.

The V8 with a crossplane crankshaft is a prevalent configuration for big car motors. V8 motors are seldom lower than 3.0 L inside displacement plus inside car utilize have surpassed 8.2 L inside manufacturing cars. Industrial plus sea V8 machines is much bigger.

V8s are just standard about more effective muscle vehicles, sports vehicles, deluxe vehicles, pickup pickups, plus sport utility cars. However, they are usually choices inside cars that have a V6 or straight-6 because standard engine. In certain situations, V6 motors were extracted from V8 designs by removing 2 cylinders when sustaining the same V-angle so that they is built found on the same assembly lines because the V8s plus installed inside the same engine compartments with some modifications. Some of these employed offset crankpins driving connecting rod pairs, permitting a usual firing sequence.

The conventional 90° big-bore V8 engine is usually too broad plus too lengthy to suit conveniently inside cars with a transverse engine front-wheel drive design, thus its applications are limited with rear-wheel drive sports vehicles, muscle vehicles, pony vehicles, deluxe vehicles plus light pickups. The shorter plus sometimes narrower V6 engine is simpler to match inside little engine compartments, however, a limited compact V8 machines are utilized inside transverse FWD plus transverse AWD engine designs inside heavier vehicles, like Cadillacs plus Volvos. These machines frequently have tighter cylinder bore spacings, narrower cylinder bank angles, plus different modifications with lessen their area specifications.

V8s are usual inside purpose-designed motors for racing vehicles. They often have flat-plane crankshafts, because a crossplane crankshaft results inside uneven firing into the exhaust manifolds that interferes with engine tuning, as well as the crossplane's thick crankshaft counterweights avoid the engine from accelerating quickly. These are generally a prevalent engine configuration inside the greatest echelons of motorsport, specifically inside the USA where it really is necessary inside IRL, ChampCar plus NASCAR. V8 machines are equally employed inside Australian motorsport, many notably inside the V8 Supercars. Formula One started the 2006 season utilizing naturally aspirated 2.4 L V8 machines, that changed the 3.0 L V10 inside a move with lower bills plus force.

Medium-weight pickups tend with employ the straight-6 configuration because it is easier plus simpler with keep, plus considering the straight-6 is an inherently balanced design that is scaled about any size required. Large V8s are found inside the bigger truck plus commercial equipment lines.

Although it was the early choice for aircraft machines, the V8 engine is rarely utilized inside contemporary aircraft engine because the usually thick crankshaft counterweights are a liability. Modern light planes commonly employ the flat-8 configuration rather because it is actually lighter plus simpler with air cool. Additionally it may be produced inside modular designs sharing components with flat-4 plus flat-6 machines. One of the few V8 machines selected for aircraft propulsion inside the World War II years was the German inverted V8 configuration, air-cooled Argus As 10 powerplant.

Official manufacture of the sedan started at Holden's Elizabeth, South Australia manufacturing center about 13 July 2006. Three days later, Holden publicly revealed the auto at the Melbourne Convention Centre, broadcast simultaneously through the Internet. The release happened alongside which of the flagship WM Statesman/Caprice. Previous to the, Holden announced which VE station wagon plus utility variants will be postponed as well as the VZ equivalents might stay inside manufacturing. Sales of the VE Ute commenced about 22 August 2007. This was soon followed by the unveiling of the Sportwagon concept, the manufacturing variation of that was introduced inside July 2008.
The Holden Statesman plus Holden Caprice are a line of full size deluxe vehicles yielded by the General Motors Australian subsidiary, Holden because September 2006. The range debuted alongside the VE Commodore about 16 July 2006 at the Melbourne Convention Centre. With the Statesman's export plans, it was felt which its release ought to be simultaneous with which of the Commodore, instead of months later, because had been the choice. Holden has exported this series with the Middle East because the Chevrolet Caprice because 2007 beginning inside 2014 with 2 trims discontinued. Sales of the WM Statesman inside South Korea because the Daewoo Veritas commenced at the finish of 2008 & was discontinued inside 2010 following GM phased out the Daewoo brand. In 2011, GM introduced a captive import variation inside the U.S. marketplace built only for law enforcement agencies because the Chevrolet Caprice PPV.

In August 2010, with all the launch of the WM Series II range, Holden announced the Statesman model had been discontinued, with all the Caprice being split into 2 models plus reduced inside cost. This was due with the little sales of the Statesman. In 2013, Holden up-to-date the WM II with become the WN Caprice. This concerned the fitment of the VF Commodore Calais V interior plus alloy wheels. This update furthermore involves the Caprice PPV that gets the interior within the VF Commodore Evoke that additionally involves a column gear change exiting the 9C3 adaptation with be discontinued for 2014. In 2015 the Caprice PPV like the WN & Middle Eastern Counterparts gets the same back vision camera because a modern feature.

GM has announced it can discontinue Australian manufacturing of the WN Caprice plus all different Australian manufacturing inside 2017.
Holden's designers plus technicians started laying down the fundamentals of the clean-sheet Commodore sedan inside 1999. In the 7 years of development, the auto came with be Holden's biggest plus many pricey project, representing an expenditure exceeding A$1 billion plus 3.4 million kilometres of testing.

In 1999 Peter Hughes, Holden's manager of outdoor shape, yielded a two-dimensional image of the sketch drawn earlier by Michael Simcoe, Holden's shape director at the time. Known inside home because the "Bill of Design", the sketch created the shape basis for the production-ready auto. Various ingredients of the sketch were changed, including the back tail lights, the low-profile side window cluster as well as the drawn out wheelbase, however the aggressive stance stayed.
Early 1999 shape sketch by Peter Hughes created the basis for VE Commodore sedan profile.

In 2004, merely 2 years before the launch of the VE Commodore, Holden unveiled the Torana TT36 concept vehicle at the Australian International Motor Show inside Sydney. The TT36 served because a preview of the VE plus authorized Holden with gauge public response with its styling. Much of the Torana's styling drew found on the essence of the VE's shape. Many production-ready components even carried over within the TT36 including the steering wheel, the window plus rear-view mirror switch cluster as well as the handbrake lever.

After stylists penned the initially shape sketches, Holden designers started function about developing the chassis. Opel, that had offered the basis for all past Commodore decades, ceased manufacturing of their rear-wheel drive Omega inside 2003. This meant which Holden had 2 options: with employ another GM platform, or with develop an all-new car. GM's modern premium rear-wheel drive Sigma platform was to find creation inside the 2002 Cadillac CTS. Holden's technicians were available this platform, yet decided it wasn't appropriate. The Sigma platform's double A-arm front suspension plus extensive utilize of aluminium were too costly for the VE's marketplace segment. The luggage compartment was considered too tiny as well as the Sigma inside package couldn't be stretched sufficiently with become a family-sized auto. In specific, the rear-seat shoulder width was too tight. These main disadvantages created Holden choose to develop an all modern platform, well-known as the GM Zeta platform, about that a quantity of upcoming GM cars may furthermore be based. The Zeta suspension program comprises fresh double-pivot MacPherson strut for the front along with a four-link independent back setup. These substitute the past easy MacPherson strut shape front plus much criticised semi-trailing arm back suspension, for improved ride plus handling.

Denny Mooney was furnished chairman of Holden about 1 January 2004, by that time development of the VE Commodore was perfectly underway. Key shape plus technology function was being finalised, plus investment was absolutely being produced inside creating the tooling with that with manufacture the vehicle. One of Mooney's priorities was with boost the perceived standard issues which encircled the past decades of Commodores. The inside standard benefited dramatically from this more emphasis; Mooney forced for panel spaces with be reduced with a further 0.5 millimetres over past targets. Smaller panel spaces are simply among the techniques which Holden have developed the VE with pitch it up against the European competitors. Through the utilization of advanced steels plus intense shape, the body structure is 50 % stiffer than the outgoing model, benefiting from sound plus vibration reductions, handling plus crash protection. But the fresh body has lead to significantly improved fat over the outgoing model.

The development of the brand-new auto led Holden with redesign the Elizabeth plant inside South Australia thus which whole sections of the auto is assembled off the foremost manufacturing line. This modern creation system enables complete sub-sections like the engine plus transmissions with be built seamlessly together about rigs which simplify manufacturing. This procedure is used with the front-end component of the VE Commodore, consisting of the headlights, bumpers, airbag sensors plus alternative accessory components. It is conveniently removed because one-piece leading with lower repair fees plus simpler access with the engine bay. This shape represents the very first time these a system has been selected in GM, plus garnered the SAE Australasia's 2006 Automotive Engineering Excellence Award. A modular shape structure recognized inside Holden because "Flex Vision" has been used with the interior where fundamentally different components like sound units plus instrument clusters is swapped out for the different Commodore variants, creating radically different interior feel without much high fees. The upshot of the is a lot better differentiation between your variants than the outgoing model creating 3 distinct interior looks, dubbed: Functional, Performance plus Luxury. The carefully connected long-wheelbase WM Statesman/Caprice derivatives feature a 4th interior sort called Prestige.

More detail touches were put into the VE, like a hot four-strut hinge program for the boot with substitute area intrusive, much maligned "gooseneck" hinges because chosen about past Commodores. High-specification variants see expandable door pouches along with a Saab-like "blackout" feature that illuminates just the speedometer at evening to improve driver focus found on the road. An innovative flush-fitting handbrake set into a symmetrical centre system signifies the lever is conveniently reversed with sit found on the opposite side of system for left-hand drive export markets, minimising redesign bills. By 1956, Ford came out with a protection steering wheel that has been set excellent above the post with spokes which might flex, however, the column was nonetheless rigid. In 1968, United States laws were implemented concerning the acceptable rearward movement of the steering wheel just in case of crash. Collapsible steering columns were necessary to satisfy which standard.

Power steering provides the driver a simpler signifies by that the steering of the vehicle is accomplished. Modern force steering has virtually universally relied about a hydraulic program, though electric systems are continuously substituting this technologies. Mechanical force steering systems have been invented, however, their fat plus complexity negate the pros which they offer.

While alternative techniques of steering passenger vehicles have resulted from experiments, for illustration the "wrist-twist instant steering" Mercury Park Lanes controlled by 2 5-inch rings, none have yet been deployed because effectively because the traditional big steering wheel.

Passenger car laws inside the implemented by the U.S. Department of Transportation needed the impairment of steering wheel rotation with hinder engine car theft; inside many cars this might be accomplished whenever the ignition key is removed within the ignition lock. See steering lock.
Introduced inside July 2008, the A$110 million VE Sportwagon programme represented a departure from past Commodore station wagons. Holden was worried which the conventional wagon marketplace was being severely eroded by growing sport utility car sales plus over-reliance about fleet buying. Up with 90 % of VZ wagons were purchased by fleet firms plus Holden desired with attract more retail buyers. The choice was produced with develop a sportier, more fashionable wagon because an alternative with SUVs. The Sportwagon, unlike the past VZ wagon, that shared its long-wheelbase with all the Statesman/Caprice is made found on the same short-wheelbase platform because the sedan. This shift inside thinking signifies cargo capability is reduced from VZ's 1,402 litres with 895 litres however, the sedan's close 50:50 fat distribution is retained. The Sportwagon is styled with an aggressively sloping back profile. To guarantee the cargo starting is sufficiently big with these a profile, the tailgate hinges element method up the rooftop line. The shape of the tailgate is compact enough with open inside only 268 millimetres of room, a publicised feature inside Sportwagon tv commercials.

Revisions were produced with the suspension over the sedan's setup. These included stiffer springs, anti-roll bar changes plus an extra ball-joint inside the back suspension with handle the additional weight. Weight increases by 91 kilograms over the sedan. Aggressive pricing signifies Sportwagon variants of every specification level obtain a A$1,000 premium over the sedan plus are cheaper than the outgoing VZ wagons.
Engine packaging became a contentious problem throughout development. Holden's designers desired the engine placed effectively behind the front axle with permit brief overhangs plus an total sportier appearance, while the crash designers were worried which this might decrease the body's impact intake inside an accident. Negotiation between designers plus crash designers lead to moving a few of the engine components, including relocating the power with the boot, freeing up useful front-end area. By having the engine moved back plus further down, the VE Commodore furthermore benefits from close best 50:50 fat distribution over all variants, leading with superior handling. Crash technicians introduced many additional protection initiatives, including relocating the gas tank inside front of the rear-axle line, rather of behind. A more crash-resistant rear-end was equally enjoyed because required. The shape though had with include the spacious boot along with a spare-wheel bay which might apartment the largest-sized wheel with be fitted with the vehicle. Crash test results from Australasian New Car Assessment System rate the VE lower inside the offset frontal impact test than the past generation Commodore. The total crash score was marginally high than the outgoing VZ, due with improvements inside side impact security offering a score of 27.45 from 37 or perhaps a 4 star rating from a potential five.

Holden's standardisation of six airbags inside March 2008 for MY09 created the VE qualified for the ANCAP side pole test, yielding extra scoring points. The next stage of the VE's protection rollout inside October 2008 for MY09.5 included the addition of a power absorbing steering column shroud plus redesigned back door latches over the VE range. The inclusion of the seat belt reminder found on the Omega sedan yielded another point, therefore permitting the Omega sedan with score five-stars, or perhaps a score of 33.45 when tested the following December. The Omega Sportwagon was the upcoming model with be granted the full five stars the following February, after the addition of the seat belt reminder inside Sportwagon creation. The remaining VE models, including the Ute plus WM Statesman/Caprice, that had absolutely received nearly all of the protection updates, received the seat belt reminder because standard fitment because of MY10 manufacturing from August 2009. As a outcome, all VE sedan plus Sportwagon variants together with the extended size WM models received the five-star rating. The VE Ute officially received the rating about 19 October 2009, generating the whole line-up of Australian-made Holdens five-star ANCAP rated. The authentic base V6 benefited from energy increases over the VZ, with engine sound reduced by utilizing new timing stores amidst alternative modifications. An up-to-date adaptation of the long-serving four-speed GM 4L60-E automatic transmission stayed for this engine. Manual transmission choices are the Aisin AY6 plus Tremec T-56 six-speeders. Two automatics featuring Active Select; the five-speed GM 5L40-E plus six-speed GM 6L80-E were additionally available. The latter was reserved only for a modified L76 V8 engine, offering an additional 10 kilowatts of force compared with the VZ. This brand-new engine designated L98 refuses to commonly help fuel-saving Active Fuel Management development, unlike the L76.

In October 2006, Holden introduced a bi-fuel variation of the Alloytec V6, accessible with the Omega plus Berlina. Able with run about both petrol plus LPG, it attributes an advanced sequential vapour fuel injection program plus hardened valve seats with deal. The bi-fuel V6 produces 5 kilowatts plus 5 newton metres lower than the traditional V6 whenever run about LPG, for a total of 175 kilowatts. Although LPG costs are lower, the engine utilizes a big 100-kilogram cylindrical fuel tank that causes reduced boot room plus somewhat improved gas expenditure. Holden was capable with take benefit of the loophole inside government legislation, permitting an A$2,000 rebate about LPG installation considering the device is fitted post-production by Holden's customisation arm HSVi. Usually, folks might just be entitled with a A$1,000 rebate for hot vehicles pre-installed with LPG. Due with the possibility which these bi-fuel Commodores can have been fitted with undersized O-rings inside the service valve hand tap, Holden issued a remember affecting the initial 981 of these models about 10 April 2007. There were moreover 2 VE recalls past for this. The initial 16 October 2006 remember affecting 1,521 V8 Commodore plus WM Statesman/Caprice models included a faulty gas hose, causing a gas smell with enter the cabin. A 2nd 10 November 2006 remember affecting 12,830 Commodores plus WM models built before 11 September 2006 resulted from faulty back seat belt anchors. On 7 December 2007, another remember was issued for over 86,000 VE plus WM V6 models. This was due with the possibility which among the gas lines inside the engine compartment will have a rub condition with a gas vapour hose clip, maybe causing a gas smell with become obvious.
Internal cut-away telling the VE Calais engine bay plus suspension setup
MY07 Berlina sedan

For the 2008 Australian International Motor Show inside Sydney, Holden announced the MY09.5 upgrade involving the standardisation of the "premium" Alloytec V6 over the Commodore vary from 1 November 2008, while earlier it had been reserved for the SV6 plus Calais. Omega plus Berlina variants acquired varying valve timing, like the High Output engine, nevertheless not the "premium" double exhaust program as well as the five-speed automatic transmission. These changes cause the base petrol V6 producing 5 kilowatts less force plus 5 newton metres less torque than the engine it replaces. But, Omega plus Berlina sedans benefit from a 2 % fuel efficiency improvement, or 4 % for wagons. Additionally, emissions have additionally been reduced permitting petrol-powered variants with achieve Euro VI certification, a pending emission standard for European introduction inside 2014. These changes extend further than the petrol engine because bi-fuel LPG variants benefit from an 8 percent reduction inside gas economy whenever run about LPG. This reduced gas usage does still, come at a cost—LPG-equipped models are rated at 318 newton metres, 7 newton metres lower than before.

Additionally announced at the 2008 engine show had been a adaptation of the 6.0-litre V8 engine fitted with Active Fuel Management technologies, well-known as the L76. Originally omitted within the L98 V8, AFM helps gas usage below light engine plenty, though it is actually accessible just whenever paired with all the automatic transmission plus force output is reduced by 10 kilowatts. The announcement of AFM coincided with all the announcement of EcoLine, a badge highlighting Holden cars employing gas saving technologies or those driven by fuels different than petrol. For the VE Commodore, both AFM plus LPG-powered versions fall below the EcoLine umbrella. On 7 April 2009, Holden announced which dealerships were getting their initially deliveries of EcoLine-branded models, including the fresh L76 V8s.

On 4 August 2009, Holden announced the MY10 revisions with the VE plus WM range with be introduced inside September. For the VE Omega plus Berlina, the 3.6-litre Alloytec V6 has been downsized with 3.0-litres, the lowest engine displacement of the Commodore because the straight-six engine fitted with the 1986 VL series. This small ability engine attributes Spark Ignition Direct Injection development, plus is officially reported with lessen gas expenditure by about 12 % depending found on the variant. Power increases with 190 kilowatts, though torque is reduced with 290 newton metres. Along with all the 3.0-litre engine, a 3.6-litre variation of the same, producing 210 kilowatts plus 350 newton metres, was equally unveiled. Other than the guide transmission variation of the SV6, all SIDI V6 models are combined with GM's 6L50 automatic plus fall below Holden's EcoLine banner. Advantages with fuel economy for the 3.6-litre SIDI will additionally be attributed with an improved "deceleration gas cut" program, that terminates the gas provide throughout engine coasting; a high efficiency alternator plus voltage regulator; a 50 rpm lower idle speed; along with a brand-new "turbine damper" for the automatic transmission which functions with suppress vibrations at low rpms, therefore allowing earlier upshifts. Omega versions of the Ute plus all bi-fuel versions retain the existing 3.6-litre plus four-speed automatic combination,

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