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The Toyota Yaris is a subcompact auto yielded by Toyota because 1999, substituting the Starlet.First generation models were advertised between 1999 plus 2005 below the "Yaris" plus "Echo" names depending available.The Toyota Vitz is a line of three- plus five-door

The Toyota Yaris is a subcompact auto yielded by Toyota because 1999, substituting the Starlet. Between 1999 plus 2005, several markets received the same cars beneath the Toyota Echo name. Toyota has chosen the "Yaris" plus "Echo" names found on the export adaptation of many different Japanese-market models.
First generation models were advertised between 1999 plus 2005 below the "Yaris" plus "Echo" names depending available. Hatchback, coupe, plus sedan body variants were available. There was equally an RS trim along with a T trim, best for sports auto customers that never have a great deal of cash.
The Toyota Vitz is a line of three- plus five-door hatchback subcompact vehicles yielded because 1998 by the Japanese vehicle maker Toyota. Then inside its 3rd generation, the name "Toyota Vitz" has been selected consistently inside Japan, with many global markets getting the same car beneath the Toyota Yaris name, or formerly because the Toyota Echo inside certain markets for the initial generation.

As of 2010, the initially 2 decades had attained inside extra of 3.5 million sales inside over 70 nations, including over 1.4 million inside Japan.
The initially generation XP10 series Toyota Vitz was tailored by Sotiris Kovos at Toyota's ED2 studio inside Europe. Production started inside late 1998, with a Japanese on-sale date of January 1999; European sales commenced 2 months later because the "Toyota Yaris". Whenever introduced with Australasia inside October 1999, the "Toyota Echo" name was chosen, because was the case inside Canada whenever introduced there inside 2003. The "Echo" plus "Yaris" names were moreover provided with the export adaptation of the associated Japanese marketplace Toyota Platz sedan, furthermore accessible because a coupe inside North America. Frequently available alongside the hatchback plus advertised because a single line of cars, outdoor panels normal involving the Vitz plus Platz were limited with the front doorways. But, because Vitz plus Platz were crafted utilizing the same platform, the mechanicals are mostly identical plus both share a prevalent dashboard component. There was moreover a "Yaris Verso" or "Echo Verso" variant available inside certain export markets from late 1999, based found on the Japanese "Toyota Fun Cargo". The Verso MPV uses the same running gear because the Vitz, however qualities a more spacious interior.

At its introduction inside 1998, it earned the Car of the Year Japan Award.
Occupant protection Organization Rating
ANCAP 3/5 stars
Euro NCAP 4/5 stars
UCSR 2/5 stars

What became the XP10 series was shown earlier inside concept shape at the 1997 Frankfurt Motor Show. This concept, titled "Funtime" was developed beneath the leadership of Shuhei Toyoda, that equally commissioned 2 more models based found on the same platform: the "Funcoupe" as well as the "Funcargo", the predecessor with the upcoming manufacturing model Fun Cargo. Styled inside Brussels by Toyota’s European Office of Creation, the "Fun project" because it was acknowledged, was envisaged with underline the flexibility of shared platform technology. These concept cars morphed into the New Basic Car system, with every separate NBC model designated a amount, NBC1 inside the case of the Vitz three-door. The name Vitz is the phonetic Anglicized spelling of the German word Witz meaning "wit". Toyota claims the contrived name Yaris is "intended with convey a European impression", whilst Echo "is intended with Echo nothing."

Instead of traditional analogue instruments, the Vitz used digital instruments that were installed inside a "pod" inside the center of the dashboard. Whenever sales commenced inside the Canadian marketplace this wasn't the case, with Toyota opting to match a traditional speedometer, nevertheless installed inside the center of the dashboard.

In 2003 the facelifted 'Phase 2' Vitz was introduced with different bumpers plus 'teardrop' front lights.

Euro NCAP crash tested the dual-airbag equipped XP10 series inside 2000, rating the vehicle 29 from 37 for adult resident security, or 4 from five stars. The pedestrian rating is 13 points or 2 of from 4 stars. In July 2004, ANCAP tested the XP10 with just a driver's airbag fitted, causing a 23.64 from 37 grading, or 3 from five stars. The 2010 edition of Monash University's Used Car Safety Ratings, found which the XP10 offers a "poor" amount of resident protection security inside the event of a accident.
The XP10 series was introduced with Australia about 8 October 1999 because the "Echo", changing the Starlet. Both the three- plus five-door hatchback variants were accessible, that available alongside the four-door Toyota Platz-derived Echo sedan. Sourced from Japan, Australian-market Echo hatchbacks received the 1.3-litre 2NZ-FE engine with a standard five-speed guide transmission plus optional four-speed automatic. The base model was fitted with a driver’s airbag plus cassette player, though the optional protection pack added a passenger airbag plus anti-lock brakes. Power steering was prepared standard equipment inside October 2002. The Echo "Sportivo" was introduced inside March 2001, fitted with all the 1.5-litre 1NZ-FE engine with manual transmission just. Compared with the models similar with the Echo "Sportivo" inside different markets, the Australian variant is distinguishable with its nearby developed T-CAM body kit plus downgraded 14-inch alloy wheels.

Sales of the facelifted hatchback range commenced inside March 2003. At the same time, the cost dropped plus standard equipment was improved, with air conditioner, a CD player, plus remote keyless entry included, though the protection pack was deleted because an alternative all together. Consequently, ANCAP tested the Echo inside July 2004 plus demoted it from a four- with a three-star protection rating. ANCAP had earlier based its four-star rating found on the test performed by Euro NCAP, that was conducted with all the passenger airbag fitted. After the reassessment, Toyota reintroduced the protection pack from 1 December 2004 for the 2005 model year. In June 2005, Toyota Australia established the Echo "Rush" three- plus five-doors. More equipment fitted over the base model included 14-inch alloy wheels, front force windows, plus front fog lights.
Toyota redesigned the Vitz inside early 2005, going about sale inside Japan which February. The Toyota Belta sedan, shares underpinnings with all the Vitz. But, when the Vitz was tailored at Toyota's European ED2 shape studios, the Belta was tailored at their Japanese shape studios. While the outgoing Vitz hatchback plus Platz sedan feel almost likewise, the redesigned Vitz plus Belta are more subtly associated. The two vehicles share a frame as well as the drivetrain components yet the sheet metal is different.
2011–2013 Daihatsu Charade

The European, Australian, Canadian, Mexican, Venezuelan plus Puerto Rican markets saw the next generation Vitz close to the end of 2005. In the Australian plus North American markets, the vehicle was available because the "Yaris" for the very first time. The creation Yaris for the US marketplace was unveiled at the Los Angeles Car Show inside January 2006. The XP90 series Yaris is made inside Japan, France, plus Thailand.

The past 4-cylinder 1.0 VVT-i engine was changed by the 3-cylinder engine moreover found inside the Toyota Aygo. The 1.3-litre engine was revised to provide somewhat more energy, as well as the 1.4 D-4D got a 15 PS boost with 90 PS, the previous engine permitting it with achieve exceptional gas economy. For the European marketplace inside early 2009 the Yaris added a 1.33-litre engine with Stop & Start development. The Yaris became the initial automobile inside its class to provide 9 airbags.

It furthermore received a minor facelift inside 2010 with slight subtle revisions with its bumper with in-built cornering protectors, air dams plus an orange tinted signal about its tail lights.

From 2011 with 2013, Daihatsu can market the XP90 generation Yaris below the "Daihatsu Charade" name because a Thai-produced five-door hatchback. Powertrains can include a 1.3-litre engine plus six-speed guide or optional automatic. The Charade is available alongside the newer-generation XP130 series, that will be badged "Toyota Yaris".

The XP90 continued with be integrated China till it was changed inside November 2013.
The Toyota Yaris RS was introduced inside 2007. It was initially enjoyed at the Geneva Motor Show plus is driven by the unique 130 bhp 1.8L 2ZR-FE DOHC double VVT-i straight-4 gasoline engine, that will reach 100 km/h inside below 10 seconds. The RS qualities 17 inch alloy wheels, a RS badged mesh grille, a redesigned front plus back bumper, redesigned taillamps, deep side skirts along with a tail spoiler. It furthermore qualities sports tuned steering plus suspension.

The Vitz RS is available inside North American plus Europe markets because the Yaris TS. As with all the past T-Sport, there are additional back reflectors found on the bumper. Essentially, it happens to be a JDM Vitz RS fitted with a 1.8-litre 2ZR-FE engine.

For model year 2007 about Japanese models just, G-BOOK, a subscription telematics service, is available because a choice.
The Toyota Yaris for the Australian marketplace was revealed at the July 2011 Australian International Motor Show held inside Melbourne. The new Yaris has a sportier, more rounded grille plus redesigned front bumper. The Australian Yaris comes inside either a 1.3-litre or 1.5-litre driven petrol engine. Models available are the standard YR, the mid-range YRS, YRX as well as the sportier ZR that qualities a stylish bumper with bodykit. The standard YR model attributes 7 SRS airbags plus Multi-Information Display because standard.
On the other hand with all the front-engine, rear-wheel-drive design, the FWD design eliminates the requirement for a central tunnel or perhaps a high chassis clearance to support a driveshaft providing energy with the back wheels. Like the rear-engine, rear-wheel-drive design plus back mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive design layouts, it places the engine over the drive wheels, improving traction inside numerous applications. As the steered wheels are additionally the driven wheels, FWD vehicles are considered superior with RWD vehicles inside conditions where there is low traction like snow, mud, gravel or wet tarmac. When hill climbing inside low traction conditions RR is considered the greatest two-wheel-drive design, generally due with the shift of fat with the back wheels whenever climbing. The cornering ability of the FWD car is usually greater, considering the engine is located over the steered wheels. However, because the driven wheels have the extra demands of steering, when a car accelerates fast, less hold is accessible for cornering, that may cause understeer. High-performance cars seldom employ the FWD design considering fat is moved with the back wheels below acceleration, when unloading the front wheels plus sharply reducing their hold, effectively placing a limit found on the amount of energy that might realistically be utilized; inside addition, the excellent horsepower of high-performance vehicles may cause the feeling of torque steer. Electronic traction control may avoid wheel-spin nevertheless mostly negates the advantage of additional force. This had been a cause for the adoption of the four-wheel-drive quattro program by front wheel drive professional Audi with all the 1980 Audi Quattro for road vehicles. Although it was initially utilized inside the 1960s Jensen FF with overcome FR design traction issues inside a significant performance road vehicle.
Early vehicles utilizing the FWD design include the 1929 Cord L-29, 1931 DKW F1, the 1948 Citroën 2CV, 1949 Saab 92 as well as the 1959 Mini. In the 1980s, the traction plus packaging blessings of the design caused various compact plus mid-sized car machines with follow it inside the US. Many European plus Japanese producers turned with front wheel drive for most their vehicles inside the 1960s plus 1970s, the last with change being VW, Ford of Europe, plus General Motors. Toyota was the last Japanese business with change inside the early 1980s.

There are 4 different plans for this standard design, depending found on the place of the engine, that is the heaviest component of the drivetrain.
The 1946 Panhard Dyna X, crafted by Jean-Albert Grégoire, had the engine longitudinally inside front of the front wheels, with all the transmission behind the engine as well as the differential at the back of the assembly. This arrangement, chosen by Panhard till 1967, possibly had a fat distribution issue analogous to this of the Cord L29 stated above. But, the Panhard's air cooled flat twin engine was surprisingly light, plus installed low down with a low centre of gravity reducing the impact. The air cooled flat twin engine of the Citroën 2CV was equally installed low, inside front of the front wheels, with all the transmission behind the axle line as well as the differential amongst the 2. This became very popular; vehicles utilizing this design included the German Ford Taunus 12M as well as the Lancia Flavia plus Fulvia. This really is the standard configuration of Audi plus Subaru front-wheel-drive cars. In 1979, Toyota introduced plus established their initial front-wheel-drive auto, the Tercel, plus it had its engine longitudinally installed, unlike many additional front wheel drive vehicles available at which time. This arrangement continued moreover found on the second-generation Tercel, till 1987, the 3rd generation received a hot, transversely installed engine. Other front wheel drive Toyota models, including Camry, plus Corolla, had transversely installed motors within the beginning about.

The 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado selected a novel arrangement that had the engine plus transmission inside a 'side-by-side' arrangement with force being sent between your 2 through a thick duty chain, along with a specifically crafted intermediate driveshaft which passed below the engine sump. This family has the distinction of being the greatest engine ability front wheel drive cars ever built. The Saab 99 plus “classic” Saab 900 moreover selected a synonymous arrangement.

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