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The Toyota Land Cruiser is a series of four-wheel drive cars yielded by the Japanese vehicle creator Toyota.Production of the initial generation Land Cruiser started inside 1951 because Toyota's adaptation of the Jeep-like car. Four-wheel drive, All-wheel drive, AWD, 4WD, or

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a series of four-wheel drive cars yielded by the Japanese vehicle creator Toyota. The Land Cruiser series is the greatest running series inside Toyota history.
Production of the initial generation Land Cruiser started inside 1951 because Toyota's adaptation of the Jeep-like car. The Land Cruiser has been yielded inside convertible, hardtop, station wagon, plus utility truck versions. The Land Cruiser's security plus longevity has led with big recognition, incredibly inside South Sudan plus Australia where it happens to be the best-selling body-on-frame, four-wheel drive car. Toyota equally thoroughly tests the Land Cruiser inside the Australian outback — regarded as among the toughest working conditions inside both temperature plus terrain. Main rivals include the Range Rover, Land Rover Discovery, Jeep Wrangler, Mitsubishi Pajero, Nissan Patrol

Four-wheel drive, All-wheel drive, AWD, 4WD, or 4×4 is a four-wheeled car with a drivetrain which enables all 4 wheels with obtain torque within the engine simultaneously.
While people usually associate the expression 4x4 with off-road cars plus Sport utility cars, powering all 4 wheels offers greater control than regular road vehicles about numerous surfaces, plus is an significant piece inside the sport of rallying.
In abbreviations including 4×4, the initially figure is usually the total wheels, as well as the next, the quantity which are driven.
Syntactically, 4×2 signifies a four-wheel car which transmits engine force with just 2 axle-ends: the front 2 inside front-wheel drive or the back 2 inside rear-wheel drive.
By this program, a six wheeled military transport truck will be a 6×6, whilst the typical American semi-truck tractor device having 2 drive axles along with a single unpowered steering axle will be a 6×4.

All Wheel Drive - an AWD car forces the wheels the time, thus the program should include a system which is usually a limited slip differential or an electronically controlled clutch with enable a rotational difference between front plus back axles.

Many cars have controls for independently locking center, front, plus back differentials
Four wheel drive pertains with cars which have a transfer case between your front plus back axles, meaning which the front plus back drive shafts won't turn at different speeds. This delivers maximum torque transfer with the axle with all the many traction, however may result binding inside significant traction, tight turning scenarios. These are typically additionally either full-time or part-time 4WD selectable.
All wheel drive pertains with a drive train program which involves a differential involving the front plus back drive shafts. This really is normally combined with several kind of anti-slip technologies which allows all wheels with angle at different speeds, however nevertheless keep the ability with transfer torque from 1 wheel just in case of reduction of traction at which wheel. All wheels are involved with the drive full-time.

In 1941 the Imperial Japanese Army occupied the Philippines, where they found an older Bantam Mk II, plus promptly brought it with Japan. The Japanese military authorities commanded Toyota with create a synonymous car however, not to model the appearance found on the American Jeep. The prototype was called the Model AK plus was formally adopted by The Japanese Imperial Army because the Yon-Shiki Kogata Kamotsu-Sha.
Later inside 1941 the Japanese government asked Toyota with provide a light truck for the Japan military campaign. Toyota developed a ½-ton prototype called the AK10 inside 1942. The AK10 was built utilizing reverse-engineering within the Bantam GP. The truck showcased an upright front grille, flat front wheel arches which angled down plus back like the FJ40, headlights installed above the wheel arches about either side of the radiator, along with a folding windshield.
The AK10 selected the 2259 cc, 4-cylinder Type C engine within the Toyota Model AE sedan with a three-speed guide transmission plus two-speed transfer gearbox associated into it. There is not any mechanical relationship involving the AK10 as well as the postwar Toyota "Jeep" BJ. Most of the AK10's were not actively selected plus there are virtually no photos of it inside the battlefield.

1950 — The Korean War built need for a military light utility car. The war place a Jeep about Japan's doorstep. The United States government ordered 100 cars with all the brand-new Willys specs plus Toyota was asked with build them.
1951 — The Toyota "Jeep" BJ prototype was developed inside January 1951. This came within the need for military-type utility cars, much like the British Land Rover Series 1 which appeared inside 1948. The Jeep BJ was bigger than the authentic U.S. Jeep plus more effective because of its Type B 3.4 L six-cylinder OHV Gasoline engine that produced 63 kW at 3600 rpm plus 215 N·m torque at 1600 rpm. It had a part-time four-wheel drive program like the Jeep. Unlike the Jeep, still, the Jeep BJ had no low-range transfer case.
1951 — In July 1951, Toyota's test driver Ichiro Taira forced the upcoming generation of the Jeep BJ prototype about the sixth stage of Mount Fuji, the initial car with climb which excellent. The test was overseen by the National Police Agency. Impressed by this feat, the NPA promptly located an purchase for 289 of these offroad cars, generating the Jeep BJ their official patrol automobile.
1953 — Regular creation of the "Toyota Jeep BJ" started at Toyota Honsya Plant, plus body assembly plus painting was performed at Arakawa Bankin Kogyo KK, later recognised as ARACO. The "Toyota Jeep BJ" Series was introduced alongside the following:
1954 — The name "Land Cruiser" was produced by the technical director Hanji Umehara. "In England you had another rival — Land Rover. I had with come up with a name for the auto which wouldn't sound less dignified than those of the competitors. That is why I decided with call it 'Land Cruiser'," he recalls. The name had been employed found on the US Studebaker Land Cruiser automobile from 1934 with 1954 however, this didn't result any difficulties.
1954 — The 93 kW, 3.9 L Type F gasoline engine added for the fire-engine chassis. Models are renamed as:

The Toyota J40 is the model designation for a Toyota Land Cruiser 40 series made of 1960 till 1984. Most 40 series Land Cruisers were built because two-door cars with somewhat greater dimensions than a Jeep CJ.
The model was accessible because the FJ40 series and BJ40/41/42, BJ43/44/46 or HJ45/47 designation where it had a Diesel engine. The Land Cruisers integrated Brazil from 1958 with 1962 received the series code FJ25 plus FJ25L nevertheless are frequently called FJ-251, plus inside 1961 because of a unique engine called 2F - to not be confounded with all the later 2F engine from 1975 - there nevertheless came out certain limited units with all the series code FJ-151L. With the model name changed with Bandeirante following 1961, those built from 1962 with 1993 - with Mercedes-Benz machines - received OJ50/55 series plus those built from 1994 with 2001 - with Toyota machines - BJ50/55 series model codes.
References with the series inside this short article is with the J40 series except referring with among the petrol or diesel models especially.

For the history of the J series within the authentic 1951 Toyota Jeep BJ by the J20 series see Land Cruiser History from 1950 with 1955.
1960: J40 series launched/2,430 mm/2,650 mm).
1963: Longer wheelbase), FJ45-B, pickup plus cab-chassis were added).
1967: End of four-door FJ45V) manufacturing, changed by FJ55 Station wagon).
2-door FJ45-B renamed FJ45).
1973?: HJ45 introduced with all the H, 3.6-litre inline 6-cylinder diesel engine.
1974: BJ40/43 introduced with all the B, 3.0-litre inline 4-cylinder diesel engine. A factory-fitted roll bar becomes standard inside the United States.
1975: Rear ambulance doorways are put into US model FJ40s. The lift gate remains accessible because an alternative inside different nations.
1976: Disc brakes found on the front axle.
1977: Front door vent windows, removed, vent windows found on the difficult top inside the United States
1979: Power steering plus air conditioner put into the choices, gear ratios modified from 4:10 with 3:70 inside the United States with be more freeway friendly
1980: HJ47 introduced with a four.0-liter six-cylinder diesel engine. End of HJ45 creation.
BJ42/46 plus BJ45 established with a 3.4-liter four-cylinder diesel engine.
1981: Power steering added found on the BJ models with the choices, drive brakes added inside Australia.
1984: End of J40 series creation.
1993: Five-speed transmission becomes accessible for the Toyota Bandeirante.
1994: In Brazil, the Mercedes-Benz OM-364 engine is changed by the Toyota 14B device.
2001: End of Bandeirante manufacturing.

The J40/41/42 had been a two-door brief wheelbase four-wheel-drive car, with either a soft or perhaps a hardtop. It was accessible with numerous petrol or diesel machines over its lifetime. It was changed about many markets from 1984 by the J70 series.
The FJ42 is 4X2 model, for just The Middle East.
The J43/J44/46 was a very uncommon two-door medium wheelbase four-wheel-drive car, with either a soft or perhaps a hard-top. It was changed about many markets from 1984 by the J70 series.
The J45/47 became a long-wheelbase four-wheel-drive car, obtainable in two-door hardtop, three-door hardtop, four-door station wagon plus two-door pickup models. The four-door station wagon model was the shortest-lived of the J40 series, because it was changed by the FJ55G/V inside 1967.
The Bandeirante TB25/TB41/TB51 Series are J2 series integrated Brazil by Toyota do Brasil Ltda from 1962 with 1966/68. In 1966 they were changed by the OJ32 plus OJ31 for the TB25, as well as the TB81 for the TB51; for an unknown cause the TB41 might keep its J2 code till 1968 whenever Toyota do Brasil turned within the J2 with the J3 series inside 1966.
The Bandeirante OJ40/OJ45 Series, OJ50/OJ55 Series plus BJ50/BJ55 Series are J4 series integrated Brazil by Toyota do Brasil Ltda from 1968 with 2001. Identical with the BJ40 inside virtually each regard, it had a limited stylistic modifications with the grille plus selected Mercedes-Benz OM-314/OM-324/OM-364 diesel motors for much of its creation life; another noticeable mayor characteristic are the whole hind doorways instead of the conventional Toyota two-wing hind doorways at the Bandeirante's difficult top models.

Over the years Toyota has changed the machines selected inside the J40 series. The B series engine is a 4-cylinder diesel, as well as the H series a 6-cylinder diesel. The diesel-engined pickups were not available with the general public inside the USA, though certain found their means inside because mine pickups. The motors are synonymous, in the series. For instance, the F plus 2F machines share most same components. However the H plus 2H machines have virtually nothing inside well-known. There are individual models in the engine series, for illustration, there is an F125 engine, plus an F155 engine, all inside the F series with different force reviews. Below is a list of a few of them:

While not legal inside several nations, many J40 series cars might have their rooftop plus doorways removed. With a folding windshield this authorized for complete open-air experience.
The J40 Series moreover showcased folding jump seats behind the passenger plus motorists seats. These folding seats not just produced carrying another 2 travelers potential, and permitted for maximum cargo room, because opposed with the folding back seat inside the Jeep CJ series.
Original factory winches were driven straight within the transfer case driven by the engine. Later models had an optional electrical winch.

There is a advantageous sized following of individuals which gather, keep, plus drive their J-series truck off road. Toyota nevertheless has countless substitution components, accessible by Toyota components departments internationally. Many of these pickups discover their house inside places with serious road conditions because function pickups, where they are utilized daily by their owners. Its essence lives about inside the J70 series, that is really the J40 with an up-to-date front half plus somewhat different engine products, like a turbo charged diesel. It sells inside various nations, yet was not for sale inside the USA.
For 2006, Toyota introduced the FJ Cruiser, a contemporary SUV styled following the authentic FJ40. The FJ Cruiser went about sale inside the spring of 2006.
Diesel Toys have a prevalent conversion found on the Toyota FJ utilizing the Diesel engine within the Toyota Fortuner 4WD, the Toyota 1KD-FTV D4D Diesel Engine it's been a prevalent conversion for those that desire the low torque grunt plus perfect gas economy of the diesel.
Even though its creation ended inside Brazil years ago, the Toyota Bandeirante remains pretty popular, due with its advantageous off-road performance. Thus Bandeirantes reach excellent costs inside the Brazilian utilized auto marketplace, incredibly the uncommon 1993 models that were truly the only ones fitted with a Mercedes-Benz engine married with a five-speed transmission.

Whenever powering 2 wheels simultaneously the wheels need to be permitted with turn at different speeds because the car goes about curves. This really is accomplished with a differential. A differential enables 1 input shaft with drive 2 output shafts independently with different speeds. The differential distributes torque evenly, when distributing angular velocity these which the average for the 2 output shafts is equal to this of the differential ring gear. Every driven axle needs the differential with distribute force involving the left as well as the appropriate sides. When all 4 wheels are driven, a 3rd or 'center' differential is utilized with distribute force involving the front as well as the back axles.
The described program handles very perfectly, because it is actually capable to support many forces of movement plus distribute energy evenly plus smoothly, generating slippage unlikely. Once it does slip, still, healing is difficult. If the left front wheel of the 4WD car slips about an icy patch of road, for example, the slipping wheel may angle quicker than the different wheels due with the lower traction at which wheel. Since a differential applies equal torque with every half-shaft, force is reduced at the additional wheels, whether or not they have advantageous traction. This condition may result inside both 2WD plus 4WD cars, when the driven wheel is located about a surface with small traction or raised off the ground. The simplistic shape functions acceptably perfectly for 2WD cars. It is a lot less acceptable for 4WD cars, considering 4WD cars have twice because various wheels with that to get rid of traction, improving the likelihood it will arise. 4WD cars will furthermore be more probably with drive about surfaces with reduced traction. But, because torque is separated among 4 wheels instead of 2, every wheel receives around half the torque of the 2WD car, reducing the possible for wheelslip.

The Land Cruiser 60 series was yielded from 1980 from 1990 for many markets however, the Cumana Plant inside Venezuela continued till 1992 for their regional marketplace. It is a front engine, 4 door wagon that could seat five with 8 persons. Like all Land Cruiser decades, it is actually popular inside the off-road planet for the off-road abilities nevertheless was somewhat limited by its awkward departure angles. The 60 series was obtainable in the following strong outdoor colors: Alpine White, Brown, Desert Beige, Freeborn Red, Royal Blue; plus inside the following metallic outdoor colors: Charcoal Gray, Cognac, Gray-Blue, Rootbeer, Sky Blue, Stardust Silver.
1980 — The 60 series was introduced. While nevertheless keeping the durable off-road characteristics of past Land Cruisers, the 60 was tailored with better compete inside the emerging sport utility car marketplace. The 60 was provided a range of comforts like air conditioner, a back heater plus an upgraded interior. The FJ60's "2F" petrol engine was left unchanged within the "40" series whilst six-cylinder four.0 L 2H plus four-cylinder 3.4 L 3B diesel motors were put into the product line.
1981 — Land Cruiser sales surpassed 1 million along with a high-roof adaptation was introduced. The 60 series was introduced with South Africa whenever a stock Land Cruiser competed inside the Toyota 1000 km Desert Race inside the punishing wilds of Botswana.
1984 — This was the final year for the 40 series.
1984 — Alongside the 60 series, the 70 series was introduced.
1985 — The Direct-injection 12H-T turbodiesel engine was introduced.
1988 — The petrol engine was upgraded with a four.0 L 3F-E EFI engine. The FJ62G VX-Series was introduced permitting the Land Cruiser with be available inside Japan because a passenger car.

The 70 Series is a family of Toyota Land Cruiser models yielded from 1984 till the modern. It changed the 25-year-old 40 Series because the off-road workhorse of the Land Cruiser history, when the 60 Series developed into more comfortable passenger off-road cars. Despite main changes inside styling plus many technological updates, the 70 Series was tailored with retain the off-road functions plus toughness for that the 40 Series had become recognized. The 70 Series was advertised throughout the planet, except for nations like the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil plus Korea.

Originally, model numbers 70 by 74 referred with the 2-door brief plus medium wheelbase versions. These were the successors of the distinguished 40 Series, including the FJ40. Model numbers 75 from 77 referred with the long-wheelbase adaptation, that was obtainable in pick-up plus 2-door troop carrier models plus, inside a some markets, a 4-door wagon. These were the successors of the less-well recognized long-wheelbase 40 Series, including the FJ45. In 1999, Toyota introduced many changes plus changed the model designations, where the long-wheelbase models became the 78 plus 79. In 2007, the 76 was added, whilst the new dual-cab models moreover share the 79 model designation. Short-wheelbase models are just inside creation now for a some select markets.
As with all Land Cruisers, the letters at the beginning of the model amount designate the engine of the car. Common motors inside the 70 series include the 3F petrol engine, the 2H diesel engine, the 1FZ petrol engine, the 1HZ diesel engine, plus many newly, the 1VD diesel engine. For a whilst the BJ73 Hardtop was obtainable in the Italian marketplace with a VM five-cylinder HR588 2.5-litre turbodiesel—it the "B" prefix was used because considering the initial 4-cylinder diesel 70 series came with all the 3B.

1984–1999: The 70 / 75 series Toyota Land Cruiser took over within the 40 / 45 series of workhorse four-wheel forces inside 1984. The styling maintained a family resemblance with the 40 / 45 series nevertheless became more angular. The 70 / 71 series was the short-wheelbase, the 73 / 74 was the medium-wheelbase as well as the 75 / 77 was the long-wheelbase. The latter came because cab-chassis/utility with a "panelled" tray, plus "troop carrier" hard-top. Toyota moreover produced lighter duty versions which shared the 70 Series designation from 1985 with 1996, plus were advertised inside different components of the planet because the Bundera, the Prado, or the Land Cruiser II. Of these, the Prado name stuck, plus every modification took it further from its 70 Series origins. Starting inside 1997 the Prado was well-known as the 90 Series, plus had become a light-duty passenger 4x4 without connection with the 70 Series.
1999: The pick-up adaptation was designated the 79 series, the Troop Carrier became the 78 series, as well as the short-wheelbase adaptation was phased out inside many markets. The principal mechanical changes were: coil sprung live front axle; longer back leaf springs; 5-bolt wheels rather of 6-bolt wheels; redesigned steering wheel; redesigned front indicators; plus, inside the cab-chassis, a longer wheelbase, that improved the back storage ability.

Classic plus facelifted 70 series
2007: The facelifted 70 Series started creation inside January for marketplace launch inside late February / early March 2007. Changes include immense modifications with the front end shape, eliminating the trademark flat fenders showcased about all commercial Land Cruiser series' because the FJ40. This change and a wider front axle/track plus wider chassis were necessary with permit fitment of the unique Euro-4 compliant four.5L V8 turbo diesel, the 1VD-FTV. This engine was initially merely for the Australian marketplace, where it was truly the only engine accessible. Africa plus different markets continued with straight-6 petrol plus 1HZ diesel machines. In purchase with fill the hole left by the removal of lower-specification models inside the 100-series plus 200-series ranges, a 4-door wagon variant was introduced alongside the long-running cab-chassis plus Troop Carrier bodies. For the very first time a high GXL specification level was equally introduced inside several markets for the cab-chassis plus wagon variants. This specification level added many extra comfort plus protection attributes not earlier enjoyed about commercial series Land Cruisers.

Police cars inside Venezuela
2009:Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez threatened with expropriate Toyota's vegetation because nation when Toyota plus different vehicle machines refused with share their development with nearby companies plus meet certain quotas. The 70 series Land Cruiser is employed throughout Venezuela for the transportation community, the authorities, as well as the National Guard of Venezuela.
2012:In late 2012 a double cab variation of the 79 Pickup was introduced with the Australian marketplace.

The suspension, inside plus standard design of these models are almost identical with the more distinguished longer wheelbase 75 series Land Cruisers, however, the frame plus body is a lot smaller. This enables the Land Cruiser with be more nimble off road. This model was prevalent because a individual off road transport, however considering the Land Cruiser was advertised virtually only because a commercial plus government car plus considering these were not available inside the biggest car marketplace inside the planet, the US, some were built, compared with additional Land Cruiser models.
But, these models were available all over the globe inside the 1980s plus early 1990s. They is found inside Japan, Asia, Africa, Switzerland, the Middle East, New Zealand plus South America. The short-wheelbase models are not very because popular inside Australia, however they are popular inside the homeland of Japan, where compactness plus tough 4X4 are a welcome combination; they are furthermore selected by the Syrian state. Today, few short-wheelbase 70 series are available new—some continue to be inside manufacturing now inside certain select South American nations plus continues to be being yielded by Toyota Car Body at the Yoshiwara Plant inside Toyota City.
The 70 series was just available inside little numbers inside the North American marketplace. For 1984–1986, the BJ70 was available inside little numbers inside Canada. All were identically prepared, apart from inside, plus outdoor color. The just different variation was, inside 1985 they had a 12-volt electronic program. In 1985, Toyota opted for a 24-volt program. The HZJ79 cab plus chassis remains obtainable in Canada, though inside quite limited quantities. Further restrictions are which they are just accessible with the mining industry, plus just by 1 Toyota dealer inside Saskatchewan. The 70 series wasn't available inside the US.

The Land Cruiser 80 series was introduced inside late 1989. It had swing-out back doorways, that were changed with a winch door inside 1994. The Land Cruiser was nicknamed the Burbuja inside Colombia plus Venezuela due with its roundness, nevertheless it was officially introduced because Land Cruiser Autana inside both nations. The name is a reference with the Tepui mesa Autana, a amazing plateau plus cave program over the Guiana Shield craton. Land Cruiser sales reached 2 million cars.
1990 — The 80 series station wagon was introduced, substituting the 60 series. All 80s available inside North America plus Europe have a full-time four-wheel drive program. In Japan, Africa, plus Australia, a part-time program was nevertheless accessible. 80s yielded between 1990 plus 1991 had an open centre differential that was lockable inside 4HI plus automatically secured inside 4LO. From 1992 forward, cars with anti-lock brakes had a viscous coupling which delivered a maximum of 30% torque with the non-slipping axle. The differential was lockable inside 4HI plus automatically secured inside 4LO.
1990 — A brand-new generation of diesel motors were introduced, adding with the machines obtainable in the 80 series. The 80 series came with either a six-cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engine, a six-cylinder SOHC naturally aspirated diesel engine,, or perhaps a

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