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The Suzuki Boulevard C109R motorcycle was launched in 2008 as Suzuki's V-Twin Cruiser. The engine try a 1,783 cc, four-valve DOHC, 54-degree, liquid-cooled, gasoline injected V-twin. The Suzuki C109R and C109RT had been sold for only 2 yrs in the usa and

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It does not include VX800 Marauder models. Contents: * Introduction * Acknowledgements * About this manual * Safety first! * Identification numbers * Buying spare parts * Daily (pre-ride) checks * Engine/transmission oil level check * Brake fluid level checks * Suspension steering and final drive checks * Legal and safety checks * Tyre checks * Routine maintenance and servicing * Specifications * Recommended lubricants and fluids * Maintenance schedule * Component locations * Maintenance procedures * Engine transmission and associated systems * Engine clutch and transmission * Cooling system * Fuel and exhaust systems: carburetor models * Fuel engine management and exhaust systems: fuel injected models * Ignition system * Chassis components * Frame and suspension * Final drive * Brakes * Tyres * Fairing and bodywork * Electrical system * Wiring diagrams (in colour) click

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Softcover - 354 pages - Suzuki LS650 Savage Boulevard S40 1986 - 2007 Clymer Owners Service & Repair more here.....

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Lubricants / RTV gasket sealant / Threadlock / Gasket remover / Expendable supplies / Tools / Measuring tools / Special tools / Cleaning solvent / Mechanic¢-s tips / Ball bearing replacement / Oil seals / Riding safety / Specifications * TROUBLESHOOTING Operating requirements / Troubleshooting instruments / Troubleshooting / Engine performance / Engine noises / Engine lubrication / Clutch / Transmission / Excessive vibration / Carburetor troubleshooting / Front suspension and steering / Brake problems / Specifications * LUBRICATION MAINTENANCE AND TUNE-UP Routine checks / Engine stop switch / Pre-checks / Service maintenance schedule intervals / Periodic lubrication / Engine oil and filter change / Final drive oil change / Fork oil change / Control cable lubrication / Periodic maintenance / Front rear air filter change / Tune-up / Valve clearance Specifications * BODY AND FRAME Seats / Frame side covers / Frame head side covers / Footpegs / Sidestand / Front fender / Frame / Specifications * WIRING DIAGRAMS click on

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Service & Repair Manual covers the following models: * Suzuki Volusia 2001 - 2004 * Suzuki Boulevard C50 2005 - 2011 Contents: * QUICK REFERENCE DATA * GENERAL INFORMATION Manual organization / Warnings cautions and notes / Safety / Serial numbers / Fasteners / Shop supplies / Tools / Measuring tools / Electrical system fundamentals / Service methods / Storage / Specifications * TROUBLESHOOTING Starting the engine / Engine will not start / Engine performance / Engine noises / Engine lubrication / Oil pressure test / Leakdown test / Clutch / Gearshift linkage / Transmission / Fuel system (carbureted models) / Electronic diagnostic system / Electrical testing / Lighting system / Charging system / Ignition system / Starting system / Suspension and steering / Brake system * LUBRICATION MAINTENANCE AND TUNE-UP Pre-ride check list / Maintenance schedule / Tyres and Crankcase / Crankshaft and connecting rods / Break-in / Specifications * CLUTCH AND EXTERNAL SHIFT MECHANISM Clutch cable / Clutch cover / Clutch release mechanism / External shift mechanism / Specifications * TRANSMISSION AND INTERNAL SHIFT MECHANISM Internal shift mechanism / Transmission / here

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Repair Manual covers the following models: * Suzuki Intruder LC 1500 (VL1500) 1998-2005 * Suzuki Boulevard C90/C90T (VL1500) 2006-2009 Contents: * QUICK REFERENCE DATA * GENERAL INFORMATION Manual organization / Warnings cautions and notes / Safety / Serial numbers / Fasteners / Shop supplies / Tools / Measuring tools / Electrical system fundamentals / Service methods / Storage / Specifications * TROUBLESHOOTING Starting the engine / Engine will not start / Engine performance / Engine noises / Engine lubrication / Cylinder leakdown test / Clutch / Transmission / Electrical testing / Electrical systems / Steering and suspension / Shaft drive / Brake system * LUBRICATION MAINTENANCE AND TUNE-UP Cylinder firing order / Engine rotation / Tune-up / Air filter / Compression test / Spark plugs / Engine oil and filter / Engine oil pressure test / Fuel filter (1998-2004 Side cover / Sidestand / Tool box / Fender / Specifications * COLOUR WIRING DIAGRAMS further data

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warnings / Safety first / Service hints / Washing the bike / Torque specifications / Special tips / Fasteners / Lubricants / Threadlocking compound / Expendable supplies / Serial numbers / Warning and information labels / Basic hand tools / Precision measuring tools / Special tools / Fabricating tools / Mechanic's tips / Ball bearing replacement / Seals / Riding safety / Storage / Specifications * TROUBLESHOOTING Operating requirements / Troubleshooting instruments / Starting the engine / Starting difficulties / Poor idle speed performance / Poor medium and high speed performance / Engine starting system / Ignition system / Fuel system / Engine overheating / Engine / Engine noises / Engine leakdown test / Clutch / Transmission / Final drive / Handling / Frame noise / Brakes / Specifications * LUBRICATION MAINTENANCE AND TUNE-UP Routine checks / Pre-ride inspection drive unit drive shaft and universal joint / Swing arm / Shock absorbers / Specifications * BRAKE SYSTEM Disc brakes / Front brake pad replacement / Front brake caliper / Front master cylinder / Rear brake pad replacement / Rear brake caliper / Brake caliper disassembly/inspection/assembly (all click here.....

The Suzuki Boulevard C109R motorcycle was launched in 2008 as Suzuki's V-Twin Cruiser. Equivalent model comes in Europe while the Suzuki Intruder C1800R.

The engine try a 1,783 cc, four-valve DOHC, 54-degree, liquid-cooled, gasoline injected V-twin. It's a bore and stroke of 112.0 mm × 90.5 mm. Each bore is lined with Suzuki's SCEM to help temperatures transfer, enhance piston-to-cylinder clearances and reduce pounds. The system possess electronic gas injection program with 52 mm throttle body and twin spark plugs.The transmission was five speed.

The Suzuki C109R and C109RT had been sold for only 2 yrs in the usa and 36 months in Canada, but continued to be sold in intercontinental areas for quite some time afterwards. Last obtainable in the Australian and unique Zealand markets for the 2015 model season, the C109R/T was discontinued globally in 2016.

VL 1500 Intruder LC

The first Suzuki VL 1500 Intruder LC have a 680 mm seat level and an underseat 13 l; 2.9 imp gal fuel tank. Their newer engine is made to build a claimed 50 kW @ 4,800 rpm, and 114 N·m @ 2,300 rpm torque. In 2004, Suzuki added a four-way disaster flasher/high ray passing change, multi-reflector change signals, hydraulic device lash adjusters, hydraulic clutch and a back-torque limiter.

The VL title refers to the V-twin motor and "long" frame, 1500 is the estimated metric displacement of this system, additionally the LC indicates Legendary Classic.

In 2005, Suzuki re-branded its lineup of cruisers as its Boulevard show, renaming the VL1500 the Boulevard C90. In addition to a title change and cosmetic variations, Suzuki changed the carburetor with a brand new multi-hole fuel-injection program that has been borrowed from Suzuki's Suzuki GSX-R distinct racing bikes. They even included a 32-bit ECU processing chip and a marginally revised 3.7 gallon fuel container.

The engine's torque and speed are enhanced because of the introduction associated with newer fuel-injected program, with twin throttle valve and automobile fast-idle systems. The motor uses SCEM cylinder plating. Suzuki stated the motor developed 50 kW @ 4,800 rpm and 114 N·m @ 2,300 rpm.

The Suzuki Boulevard C50 try a cruiser motorcycle made by Suzuki engine organization since 2001. Just before 2005, the design was called the Volusia for Volusia County, Florida, where it absolutely was launched within 2001 Daytona cycle few days. In 2005, Suzuki re-branded it once the Suzuki Boulevard C50. They follows the formula of a smaller sized yet capable motor fitted into a one-size up framework, a popular fusion additionally being used by Honda, Kawasaki, and Yamaha in their respective cruiser outlines.

More Boulevard C50 elements had been held over from Volusia range, except the Boulevard series has actually fuel injection instead of a carburetor. The motor is a liquid cooled 805 cc in a 45° V-twin. It has 5-speed guide gearbox and a shaft drive. In general, the C50 try 2,500 mm long, with a 700 mm chair height. It offers a 16 l; 3.4 imp girl fuel container, forward disc and back drum brake system, and rider floorboards.
There are four sub-models of the C50, starting with the bottom C50, which has wire tires. The C50T adds a touring bundle comprising a windshield, white wall tires, studded seats, studded traveler backrest, and studded saddlebags. The C50SE specialized version has actually throw rims and studded chairs and a flowing or tribal fire paint tasks, with regards to the model year. For 2014, Suzuki added the C50 B.O.S.S. version, replacing black colored for nearly all of the standard chrome section, and black cast tires.

The Boulevard M50, or Intruder M800 outside the united states, are a V-twin system cruiser motorcycle created by Suzuki Motor organization. Global design amounts was VZ800. Its in line with the preferred VL800 C50 with C standing for 'classic'. The VL800 C50 was originally named the VL800 Intruder Volusia, although title was later reduced to Volusia. Their styling is from first-generation VZ800 Marauder. In 2005 the advertising title was once more altered whenever Suzuki changed the carburetors with fuel shot, with M located for 'muscle' and 50 representing the displacement of system in cubic ins. Intruder M800 is the 800 cubic centimetre system following the naming meeting for Suzuki cruisers in areas outside North America.

The M50 originated using the C50 frame and rear swingarm, that will be a softail means with a concealed solitary shock absorber, when compared to Marauder's old-fashioned swingarm with two exposed shock absorbers. The M50 obtained different fenders and gasoline tank through the C50, a handlebar attached speedometer group, and inverted 41mm forks, to give it an even more muscular look as compared to C50 semi-sister. The fundamental M50 system ended up being a little altered, being coated black colored instead of the chrome located on the C50 engine. Internally, the motor obtained split crank bearings rather than the C50's one-piece bearings, along with a little modified valvetrain elements, which necessitated alterations towards cylinder heads. Energy production is the same as the C50 power-plant, and both displace 805 cc. Both systems promote a 5 speed transmission inside a shared crankcase with the motor with damp clutch, liquids cooling, one front side disc brake, and a rod run rear drum brake.

The M50 featured unique styling, with a distinctive back fender, LED taillight, black colored coated mag rims, and intense stance. Other minor differences separate the M50 through the C50, such as for instance various design front side braking system disks, a slightly harder suspension system in the M50, and a new device container/ imitation air cleanser. The design was well-received inside motorcycle hit, with bike Cruiser mag providing they high marks for comfort and traveler holding capacity. However, some critics lamented your M50 did not have the ability to back-up their muscular appearances. The design wasn't a premier vendor, and after 5 design years Suzuki performed a whole makeover of design.

For 2010, the M50 was handed an important redesign. The M50 motor was stopped, and current model M50 now utilizes the same motor due to the fact C50, consolidating production and simplifying section sourcing. The piece material had been changed, eliminating the unique rear fender on the 2005-09 M50 and only a fender just like the one entirely on other cruiser models. A tiny cowling had been added across the headlight, providing the M50 a family resemblance to another Suzuki M series cruisers, the M90 and M109r. Deals data for redesigned M50 tend to be unavailable, as Suzuki decided on never to send any 2010 products to the united states as a result of large method of getting leftover 2009s in dealer inventory.

The Suzuki Boulevard S40 is a lightweight cruiser bike manufactured because of the Suzuki engine company for the Japanese domestic markets, and exported to brand new Zealand, North America, also to Chile along with other region. From January 2015 the S40 was on sale in Australian Continent the very first time since the 4-speed LS650 was available in the1980s.

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Manufactured and sold as the Savage from 1986 to 2004, the motorcycle ended up being rebranded for model 12 months 2005 because the Boulevard S40. The LS650 has actually remained unchanged excluding small cosmetic changes, receiving a 5 instead of 4 rate transmission in 1993. With a curb pounds of 381 lb., Suzuki markets the S40 as "an entry-level design into the cruiser range." With a seat height of less than 28 ins and flatter handlebar, the bicycle would work for reduced and taller riders.

The LS650 Savage had been 1st cruiser manufactured by Suzuki in 1986. The Kawasaki Vulcan 400 entry-level cruiser with a V-twin engine had been introduced the exact same season since the Suzuki Savage, and Vulcan 500 LTD with a parallel-twin engine is introduced in 1990. One of the few little cruiser motorcycles readily available with a shaft drive as an alternative to either chain or belt final drive, the Yamaha Virago 535 ended up being launched in 1987. Honda established the Shadow VLX, with a 583 cc V-twin the 1988 design year to take on the single-cylinder Savage. The Savage's image had been a bike that remained out of damage's means, with a torquey engine that made couple of demands on driver.

Compared to the stopped Buell Blast, which had a 30 c.i.d. single-cylinder engine with significantly more substantial vibration, the S40 are an even more flexible much less pricey entry-level bike.

The Boulevard S40 fills the space between less powerful 250 cc entry-level cruisers plus powerful twin-cylinder 500-650 cc cruisers. The S40's small competition at this time would be the Yamaha V-Star 250 together with Honda Rebel 250. While some look at the S40 also effective for a novice motorcyclist, the bike's light-weight and lower chair level succeed well suited for novices whom believe that 250 cc bikes are just also smaller. The S40 has bigger shaft-driven competitors inside Yamaha V-Star 650 Customized, as well as the Honda Shadow nature 750, which boasts their "super-low" 25.7-inch seat height. Similarly, the Sportster XL883L "minimal," and later "SuperLow," are Harley-Davidson's starter bicycles.

Despite displacing 650cc's, Suzuki's one-lung cruiser will undoubtedly be remaining in the dirt by many bicycles having fewer than half it is displacement. The motor feels gutless and starved for air when you look at the upper 1 / 2 of the rev range, and you should never ever see its 6,500 RPM redline. Just what power is there is pretty spread-out, but it absolutely needs the 5-speed transmission.

The rear shocks were cheaper and now have not enough travel; the forks and brakes aren't much better. Though basically crude and unsophisticated, the Savage/S40 try remarkably small by contemporary guidelines, therefore it does not worry their old-style tube frame a great deal and it may utilize calm, raked-out steering geometry without feeling ponderous. Steering is somewhat vague, but it manages curves a lot better than you may think.

Despite various niggling criticisms over this component or that due to its price-conscious construction, the appearance of the Savage and modified S40 models is clean and processed. The engine's oversized, straight-up vertical cylinder was a pleasant aesthetic homage into Brit thumpers of old, together with slim, simple chassis showcases they better.

There was little to go incorrect right here. Usually the one exclusion may be the cam string, which sooner or later stretches beyond the tensioner's number. Otherwise, the lackadaisical engine is certainly not highly stressed. Gear drive try a good, quick method of avoiding the complications of a chain or perhaps the difficulty and fat of a shaft while smoothing out the energy pulses through the larger single to be able to reduced stress loads from the drivetrain. Even the trim components don't appear too chintzy, which is remarkable given their price. LS650s are often bikers' very first cycle, accustomed people on the market will run the gamut from smashed and fallen to barely handled.

The LS650 is cheap to get, cheap to guarantee, simple on gasoline and simple to drive. It may troll the neighborhood and cruise the interstate, although at higher speeds the counterbalancer can not quell the shakes and maintaining 70 miles per hour Interstate traffic are going to be harrowing. The sitting position are certain to get boring rapidly. Taller cyclists will feel cramped, much more rotund cyclists will feel as if they are perched on a fence rail. Points off for a smallish fuel ability as well as the lack of anticipated standard functions including a trip odometer and built-in steering lock. The little pillion and rear section does not enable loading much cargo.

As a thumper fan and somebody who likes light, slim bicycles, the LS650 has an endearing uniqueness. However the mystique of a large thumper and pleasing build don't replace an ultimately disappointing on-road skills.
Two enduring competition were motorbikes with air-cooled single-cylinder machines which have been in manufacturing also longer than Suzuki's S40: Royal Enfield's Bullet, and Yamaha's SR400. The latter had been reintroduced to areas outside of Japan in 2014.

The Boulevard 40's system try a 40 c.i.d., four-stroke, air-cooled, single overhead camshaft power plant, incorporating a Twin-Swirl Combustion Chamber cylinder head build very first found in the Suzuki GSX show bike engines. This system features a balance shaft and an output of 31 horse power . At 60 mph the motor is spinning at a moderate 3940RPM.

In 1996 Motorcycle customer Development calculated 31 horsepower at the rear wheel of an LS650 Savage, and a rear-wheel torque of 30.5 pound-foot. The LS650 licensed a quarter-mile time of 15.3 seconds at a speed of 81.1 mph, and an average fuel mileage of 55 mpg. In a 2006 road test, Motorcycle Cruiser magazine recorded one fourth mile period of 16.35 sec at 77.2 mph. Typical gasoline mileage when it comes to S40 had been 52.9 mpg.

The S40's "thumper" motor, is probably the largest displacement single cylinder bike engines in production at the time of 2016.

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