Suzuki Bandit Workshop service manual

The Suzuki Bandit number of sport-standard motorcycles are the next versions: GSF250, 248 cc water-cooled GSF400, 398 cc water-cooled GSF600, 599 cc SACS GSF650, 656 cc SACS, 656

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* Suzuki GSF650K8 2008 * Suzuki GSF650SK8 2008 * Suzuki GSX650FK8 2008 * Suzuki GSF1250K7 2007 * Suzuki GSF1250SK7 2007 * Suzuki GSF1250K8 2008 * Suzuki GSF1250SK8 2008 * Suzuki GSF1250K9 2009 * Suzuki GSF1250SK9 2009 Contents: * Maintenance * Engine * Clutch And Transmission * Fuel System And Lubrication * Ignition System * Frame And Forks * Wheels Brakes And Tyres * Electrical System Including Wiring Diagrams more information.....

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2006 * Suzuki GSF1200 Bandit N1200 1996 - 2006 * Suzuki GSF1200S Bandit S1200 1996 - 2006 Contents: * The Suzuki Bandit 600 & 1200 - Identification Numbers - Buying Spare Parts - Pre-Ride Checks - Engine Oil Level - Brake Fluid Levels - Tyres - Bike Specs * MAINTENANCE - Routine Maintenance And Servicing - Specifications - Lubricants And Fluids - Maintenance Schedule - Component Locations - Maintenance Procedures * REPAIRS And OVERHAUL - Engine Clutch And Transmission - Fuel And Exhaust Systems - Ignition System - Frame And Suspension - Brakes Wheels And Final Drive - Fairing And Bodywork - Electrical System - Wiring Diagrams * REFERENCE - Tools And Workshop Tips - Security - Storage - Troubleshooting link here

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tools / Electrical system fundamentals / Special tools / Basic service methods / Storage / Specifications * TROUBLESHOOTING Operating requirements / Starting the engine / Engine performance / Starting system / Charging system / Ignition system / Fuel system / Engine noises / Engine lubrication / Clutch / Transmission / Lighting system / Excessive vibration / Front suspension and steering / Brake problems / Specifications * LUBRICATION MAINTENANCE AND TUNE-UP Safety checks / Maintenance intervals / Tyres and wheels / Battery / Periodic lubrication / Engine oil and filter change / Air filter / Periodic maintenance / Non-scheduled maintenance / Engine tune-up / Spark plugs / Specifications * ENGINE TOP END Engine service notes / Engine principles / Cylinder head cover / Camshafts / Camshaft chain tensioner / Camshaft chain / Rocker arms / Cylinder head / Valves pedal / Anti-lock brake system / Specifications * BODY AND FRAME Seat and lock mechanism / Front fender / Front fairing / Rear frame cover / Side cover / Sidestand / Centerstand / Specifications * WIRING DIAGRAMS more information.....

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cautions and notes / Safety / Serial numbers / Fasteners / Shop supplies / Basic tools / Precision measuring tools / Electrical system fundamentals / Special tools / Basic service methods / Storage / Specifications * TROUBLESHOOTING Operating requirements / Starting the engine / Starting difficulties / Engine performance / Engine noises / Engine lubrication / Cylinder leakdown test / Clutch / Transmission / Fuel system / Drivetrain noise / Electrical troubleshooting / Test equipment / Basic test procedures / Charging system / Ignition system / Starting system / Handling / Brakes / Frame noise / Specifications * LUBRICATION MAINTENANCE AND TUNE-UP Pre-ride check list / Maintenance schedule / Engine oil and filter change / Tyres and wheels / Battery / Periodic lubrication / Periodic maintenance / Non-scheduled maintenance / Engine tune-up / Air filter / Spark plugs / cover / Camshafts / Cam chain tensioner / Cam chain / Rocker arms / Cylinder head / Valves and valve components / Cylinder block / Piston and piston rings / Specifications * ENGINE LOWER END Servicing the engine in frame / Engine / Oil pump / Oil cooler / Oil pan oil strainer and oil pressure information

The Suzuki Bandit number of sport-standard motorcycles are the next versions:

GSF250, 248 cc water-cooled
GSF400, 398 cc water-cooled
GSF600, 599 cc SACS
GSF650, 656 cc SACS, 656 cc water-cooled
GSF750, 748 cc SACS
GSF1200, 1,157 cc SACS
GSF1250, 1,255 cc water-cooled

All brands have DOHC inline four-cylinder engines with 4 valves per cylinder. The GSF600 system is dependent on the GSX-F 600 engine, re-tuned to get more mid-range torque. The GSF1200 system try a bored out form of the GSXR1100 engine, in addition re-tuned for lots more mid-range torque. The GXF650 and GXF1250 products make use of latest fuel-injected, liquid-cooled machines, the GSF1250 creating an auxiliary balance shaft to reduce vibrations.

'S' models has a half-fairing, and beginning with model year 2000, they likewise have twin headlights. 'N' models were unfaired naked bike with one headlight. The availability of the 'S' and 'N' models varies with nation and model year.

The Bandit show won a reputation as "hooligan bicycles". With an increase of latest changes, but the bicycle has taken on an even more streamlined and modern feel, taking it more towards activities tourer area. The GSF1200 stays favored by stunt cyclists, and it is utilized by a wheelie school in the UK.

GSF250 and GSF400
1991 Suzuki GSF400
1995 Suzuki GSF250V with altered fatigue

Launched in 1989, the GSF250 and GSF400 tend to be naked road motorcycles, with liquid-cooled, inline four-cylinder machines based on the GSX-R250 and GSX-R400 motorcycles, attached as an anxious user in a metal trellis framework with solitary back surprise absorber. Aside from the engines and transmission, the "baby Bandits" promote many of their parts. Limited versions have a retro-styled top fairing. 'letter' designated products have clip-on handlebars. "GSF" and "Bandit" nomenclature are both put over the series' chronology and market location.

The initial generation GSF250 produces 45 bhp, whilst GSF400 brings 59 bhp. The GSF400 manages the additional energy with a 525 sequence and double disk forward brake system, compared to a 520 string and solitary forward disk on GSF250.

From 1991, the GSF400V gotten variable inlet time via solenoid-controlled rocker arm engaging with supplementary cams. Although these models are commonly named "GSF400V-V", the '-V' really denotes the 1997 Suzuki model 12 months motorcycles. VVT designs are often recognised by a red motor address many instances of a light gray engine address. The GSF250V appeared later, in 1995.

In 1992, engine changes enhanced low-mid range torque trading off-peak energy decreased to 53 bhp when it comes to GSF400 and 40 bhp for the GSF250.

In 1995, the second generation GSF250V and GSF400 introduced considerable updates, like brand-new styling, gas tank, swingarm, air filter installation, exhaust, chair, controls, system, etc.

GSF250 products

GSF250 - design many years 'K', 'L', 'M', 'N', 'P', 'R'.
GSF250V - model many years 'S', 'Y'.
GSF250Z - restricted, model years 'M', 'N', 'P'.
GSF250VZ - restricted, model seasons 'S'.

GSF400 products

GSF400 - model many years 'K', 'L', 'M', 'N', 'P', 'R', 'S'.
GSF400V - VC engine, design many years 'M', 'N', 'P', 'R', 'S', 'V'.
GSF400Z - restricted, model years 'L', 'M'.
GSF400VZ - VC motor, limited, model years 'M', 'N', 'P', 'V'.



The nude GSF600 letter Bandit was launched in February. It was based on the styling for the pre-existing GSF400 Bandit, with a retuned system from GSX600. The 600 Bandits came with a 15 enamel front side sprocket and 48 tooth back sprocket linked by a 530V 110 website link chain.
1996 Suzuki Bandit GSF600N


The faired Bandit S design had been launched, where bikini half-fairing had their debut.


Mild adjustment: A clutch change and carburettor heating units.


The N design had passenger grab rails included. But the S design have no modifications.


Debut of a new back surprise absorber, offering rebound along with preload adjustment.


The very first biggest adjustment had been made this year.

Unique back bodywork.
Totally digital instrumentation.
New carburettors with throttle position sensor.
Further gas filter.
Nissin braking system callipers.
20 litres gasoline tank.
Improvements to framework and steering geometry.
Seat height lowered.
S design: New modern fashioned one half fairing, with twin headlights.


No big changes.


Fuel measure now as standard.


No significant changes.

The Suzuki GSX650F, in several areas a tweaked Bandit

The GSX650F, created from 2008, is basically a variation regarding Bandit 650, with quite similar requirements and equipment. Although constructed on a Bandit chassis, the additional lower fairing gives it a sportier search similar to that of the Suzuki GSX-R show. The engine in addition has had a tiny bit of remapping to motivate revs, together with suspension system try modified. Additionally has an alternative, single-piece seat.

The Bandit 750 ended up being a Japan only model which used components from the 600 and 1200 versions; the leading frame cradle is just like the 600, the trunk subframe ended up being just like the 1200 with bolt on pillion footpeg handers, the clocks are 1200 products with a higher red-line regarding rev countertop of 12,000rpm, including a fuel gauge which was absent from the 600 types of the full time. The operating equipment and suspension are additionally just like the 600. The system, although aesthetically identical to the 600, have a capacity of 748 cc, The carburettors were much like the 600 apart from jetting, whereas the fatigue ended up being just like the 1200. The 750 included a 6 speed gearbox just like the 600 - instead of the 5 speed from the 1200. Power ended up being a claimed 85 bhp. All machines are limited to 180 km/h to adhere to Japanese regulations, but are easily de-restricted to a genuine maximum speed of 220 km/h.

Unlike bandits offered offshore, the 750 never featured the Bandit logo regarding rear fairings - rather it absolutely was branded "GSF 750" with a smaller script reading "DOHC 16Valve".
GSF1200S GSF1200SK6.jpg
2006 non-ABS GSF1200S with aftermarket display
Also referred to as Bandit 1200S
Manufacturing 1996-2006
Motor 1,157 cm3, 4-stroke,
4-cylinder, DOHC, 16-valve, air/oil-cooled
Transmission 5-speed continual mesh
Framework means Tubular metallic
Suspension system F: Telescopic, 43mm internal tube,
springtime preload adjustable
R: website link kind, flexible rebound/preload, aluminum-alloy swingarm
Brakes F: 4-piston calipers,
310 mm double discs
R: Single-piston caliper, disc
Wheelbase 1,480 mm
Measurements L: 2,130 mm
W: 790 mm
H: 1,235 mm
Seat level Adjustable 785–805 mm
Weight 215 kg
Gasoline ability 20.0 L
Suzuki GSF1200P


The 1200 Bandit was typically released in January 1996, just a few were subscribed in 1995. It really is powered by a re-tuned and higher capacity type of the GSX-R1100 system. More variations through the 600 cc brands feature gas gauge, higher requirements suspension, hydraulically managed clutch, larger diameter front side braking system discs, and 5-speed gearbox instead of the 6-speed gearbox of this 600 Bandit.

Most Suzuki motorcycles have the system dimensions cast into side of the cylinder block; 1200 Bandits lack this but, obviously, some very early production 1995 designs do have 1,156 cc cast in to the block. The 1200 Bandits need 15 tooth front sprockets and 45 enamel back sprockets linked by 530V, 110 link back chains.


No adjustment. a type of the S Bandit with anti-lock braking was launched for certain globe areas. The 1997 abdominal muscles 1200 Bandit utilized a 114 website link chain as opposed to the standard 110 link chain.


No significant changes.


The 1200 Bandits received an identical revamp towards one the 600 Bandits obtained the prior season:

Brand new rear bodywork.
Fully electronic instrumentation.
Unique carburettors.
Suzuki SET, feeding climate into the exhaust outlet to greatly help remove unburnt fuel from emissions.
Further gas filter.
Tokico brake callipers.
20 litre fuel container.
Improvements to framework and steering geometry.
Chair lowered.
S design: New modern styled fairing, with double headlights.


2004 products added a 2-way catalytic converter on exhaust system, and small customizations on fatigue metalwork.


2005 systems had been the last of second Generation 1200 Bandits.


2006 products obtained a revamp with a brand new shape container, part panels, a level flexible seat and a longer hexagonal-section moving supply. The faired "S" variations have a unique form fairing and mirrors along side a totally redesigned headlight program with over and under beams as opposed to the earlier alongside system. These brand new systems had been supplied with abdominal muscles brakes as an alternative. abdominal muscles brakes were fitted as traditional on UK specification SA model. Some areas in addition received height-adjustable handlebars. There have been small changes towards the transmission internal ratios aswell. The 2006 Bandit 1200s are not sold in the USA but stayed sold somewhere else across the world. The SK6 variation is within generation 3 of Bandit 1200S range and thus could be the only generation 3 model of the 1200 Bandit. It was the last of this SACS-engined Bandits with a motor design and technology that very first spotted the light of time in 1985 in the GSX-R 750.
GSF1250S Suzuki Bandit 1250SA 07.jpg
2007 GSF1250S with ABS
Also referred to as Bandit 1250S
Production 2007-2015
Motor 1,255 cm3, 4-stroke,
4-cylinder, DOHC, 16-valve, liquid-cooled
Top speeds 140 miles per hour
Energy 99.7 hp @ 8780 rpm
Torque 78.6 lb·ft @ 3540 rpm
Transmission 6-speed constant mesh
Frame means Tubular steel
Suspension system F: Telescopic, 43mm internal tube,
spring preload adjustable
R: connect means, flexible rebound/preload, aluminum-alloy swingarm
Brakes F: 4-piston calipers,
310 mm double discs
R: Single-piston caliper, disk
Wheelbase 1,485 mm
Dimensions L: 2,130 mm
W: 790 mm
H: 1,480 mm
Seat height Adjustable 790–810 mm
Weight 225 kg
Gas capacity 19.0 L
Gas consumption 39.7 mpg‑US


The GSF1250 range is launched. It has a new petrol injections, water-cooled system which is certified with Euro 3 emission laws. This new system generates close energy and torque to your earlier in the day 1,200cc system but the torque of 108 N·m is available at lower motor rate of 3,750 RPM. An auxiliary stability shaft lowers engine oscillations. The GSF1250 has a fresh six-speed constant mesh gearbox because of the feedback shaft mounted below the crankshaft to cut back along the motor. This allows an extended move supply for improved maneuvering. .

The GSF1250SA version features abdominal muscles and Autumn 2007 saw the introduction of the minimal edition road Fighter, featuring a single seat with matching rear cowling, Renthal handlebars, and Yoshimura silencer.


The 2007 GSF1250 and GSX125SA are unchanged.

The 1250GT Grand Touring variation is introduced with a three-box tough baggage program, fairing reduces and sat-nav.


2009 brands carry over similar engines. The cylinders is again plated with Suzuki’s "Composite Electrochemical Material", and in addition held over may be the additional Balancer Shaft further smoothens the trips.

In May 2009, it absolutely was established that there is a limited edition Bandit 1250SA 'Z'. This has a pearl mirage white paint scheme, with modified images and metallic silver wheels. Best 100 examples came to the united kingdom.


In September 2009 it absolutely was revealed that 2010 will discover the production regarding the GSX1250FA in European countries. It's the same engine and chassis as prior to, but a complete fairing will make they similar in style towards the small GSX650F.

The conventional 1250A and 1250SA models for 2010 will feature a black motor.


GSX1250FA continues to be unchanged from 2010 but concerns the usa as a 2011 model.


Suzuki reintroduced the GSF1250SA Bandit with a new half-fairing designed to wrap around the radiator shrouds, and added a front side vent below the headlight to lessen airflow behind the fairing.
In some areas, like both the UNITED KINGDOM and American, Suzuki has actually dropped the 'Bandit' name the GSX1250 designs. Made out of 2010 and final appearing as a 2012 design, it is basically a fully faired form of the Bandit 1250 with top and side circumstances, windshield plus in its accessories number. Together with their partly faired design sibling they got a CARB certificates and may come back to the US markets as a 2016 model.[26

The Bandit got it's last big framework and suspension revision in 2007. According to Suzuki it is 10percent stiffer than previously with larger diameter framework tubes. Suspension system has-been played around with in the Suzuki GSF650 Bandit, providing stiffer back surprise but a little soft front end. The swingarm in addition enhanced long. okay, it’s not on par with a sports bike nevertheless Suzuki GSF650 Bandit is much more than sufficient for 99% of bikers - extremely forgiving. The operating position try just junior tourer, it's undoubtedly proficient at starting distance therefore the screen do a great task of taking the windblast off your shoulders.
Motor 4 out of 5

The Suzuki GSF650 Bandit's system evolved in 2007 into a 650 with ever before stricter emissions guidelines putting pay into the old GSX-R600-derived air/oil-cooled engine and gaining most torque and a touch more energy at 84bhp. It had been aside using the carbohydrates as well as in utilizing the all-new gas shot, it’s also now water-cooled. Maximum energy is up and there's large amount of torque. The motor try creamy smooth from idle and revs rapidly and cleanly permitting you to rip to 12,000rpm if you feel like that predisposed, though many holders never ever will. And in fact it's far better to stay as well as shift about 11,000rpm with regards to feels like the ability has dropped down.

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GSF600. 1995. The naked GSF600 N Bandit was released in February. It was based on the styling of the pre-existing GSF400 Bandit, with a retuned engine from the GSX600.

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Con il nome Bandit si identifica tutta una serie di modelli di motociclette prodotte dalla casa motociclistica giapponese Suzuki.. Dal 1990 è stata prodotta in varie serie e cilindrate, in versione naked o semicarenata, ovvero dotata di semicarenatura fissa superiore integrante il faro, riconoscibili rispettivamente dalle sigle "N" o "S" e tutte caratterizzate dalla sigla di produzione GSF:

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Cooling is taken care of by the well proven Suzuki oil and air cooling system that served the GSX-R series so well for many years and ensures the Bandit never gets too hot and bothered.