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The Mitsubishi Delica is a range of pickups plus multi-purpose cars built by Mitsubishi Motors because 1968. In Japan, the Delica Cargo nameplate was utilized about badge-engineered Mazda Bongos between 1999 plus 2010. The creation of the Delica light commercial cab-over pickup

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) "4G64" 4 piston gearboxs described: ● KM135 5-speed guide (SF 4x2 model) ● KM147 5-speed guide (SF 4WD model) ● R5M21 5-speed guide (SG SH 4x2 model) ● V5M21 5-speed guide (SG SH 4WD model) ● AW372 4 geared automatic (SF models) ● R4AW2 4 geared automatic (SG SH models) Contents: ● General Information ● Technical Data ● Routine Maintenance ● Engine ● Emission Control ● Engine Electrical ● Cooling System ● Fuel plus Engine Management ● friction clutch ● Manual gearbox ● Automatic gearbox ● Front Axle plus Suspension ● Rear Axle plus Suspension ● Steering ● Brakes ● Body Electrical ● Body NOTE: Just repair change easy upkeep jobs and reduction plus installation are described for the Automatic gearbox. Includes Black Rear- or four-wheel drive many bodystyles plus 2 different wheelbases prepared to get a very extensive lineup. The 4 wheel drive chassis took it's origin from which associated with all the modern Mitsubishi Pajero though components are rarely interchangeable. Cargo versions are built click

The Mitsubishi Delica is a range of pickups plus multi-purpose cars built by Mitsubishi Motors because 1968. It was initially based about a tiny pickup truck introduced the past year, also known as the Delica, its name a contraction of the English code phrase Delivery vehicle. This truck, along with a commercial van extracted from it has received countless names inside export markets, being available because the L300 inside Europe plus New Zealand, Express plus Starwagon inside Australia, plus plain Mitsubishi Van plus Wagon inside the US. The passenger auto versions were well-known as Delica Star Wagon from 1979 till the 1994 introduction of the Delica Space Gear, that became merely Space Gear inside Europe at minimum. The latest adaptation is known as the Delica D:5.

In Japan, the Delica Cargo nameplate was utilized about badge-engineered Mazda Bongos between 1999 plus 2010. Because 2011, the Delica D:2 name has been used with a rebadged Suzuki Solio.

The creation of the Delica light commercial cab-over pickup started inside July 1968. It received the chassis code T100, inside line with all the lately introduced "T90" Canter. Utilizing a KE44 1,088 cc engine producing 58 PS, its maximum payload was 600 kg plus had a top end speed of 115 km/h. A year later, inside line with customer demands, a cargo van along with a passenger van were put into the line-up. The passenger van, discontinued inside 1976, was called the 'Delica Coach' plus can seat 9 folks inside 3 rows of seats. The engine was upgraded with 62 PS inside 1969.
1975–1979 Colt T120, Indonesia

In March 1971 a somewhat facelifted adaptation, called the Delica 75, arrived. This received a tiny grille instead of the nude metal front of the earliest Delicas, along with a unique 1.4-liter Neptune engine rated at 64 kilowatts was put into the line-up. The small 1.1-liter engine could have stayed obtainable in a 600 kilograms adaptation of the truck however, when thus, it shortly vanished completely.

After a fall 1974 facelift, the Delica received a unique nose with many plastic cladding plus double headlights, today installed below the swage line. It was today acknowledged just because the "Delica 1400", because this was truly the only engine with that it was accessible. A longer wheelbase 1-ton truck was added inside 1976.
Late Colt T120 van

In export markets, this automobile was often called just the Colt T100 / T120. Record, a Greek producer of agricultural cars, plagiarized the Delica T120 shape for their fibreglass-bodied "GS2000" truck.

Chrysler Australia introduced the SA series Delica with the Australian marketplace inside April 1980 below the name "Chrysler L300 Express". After acquiring control of the Chrysler Australia surgery inside the same month, Mitsubishi Motors renamed the fast Mitsubishi Motors Australia inside October 1980. This lead to the rebranding of the L300 Express because a Mitsubishi. Fitted with a 1.6-liter engine plus four-speed guide, both van plus wagon variants were available, with all the commercial variation accessible with or without side back windows. The utility adaptation wasn't available inside Australia, because the L200 Express covered which segment of the marketplace. In November 1981 the SB series was introduced, today fitted with radial ply wheels about greater diameter wheels, therefore improving the payload capability from 925 with 1,000 kilograms. The following month, Mitsubishi introduced the high-roofed deluxe "Deluxe" trim, fitted with electrical sunroof plus fabric upholstery. The upcoming update with the SB series arrived inside October 1982, causing the "Deluxe" trim being renamed "Starwagon" plus gaining a bigger 1.8-liter engine—offered with a five-speed overdrive guide or optional three-speed automatic. The "Star Wagon" moniker was furthermore chosen about examples assembled by Todd Motors inside New Zealand, albeit with all the 65 PS 1.6-liter engine. Mitsubishi extended the accessibility of the 1.8-liter engine with the lower-specification variants, albeit inside automatic guise just. The 1.8 was additionally obtainable in the extended wheelbase, significant rooftop, panel van variation.

From May 1983, the L300 Express received rectangular headlights inside chrome surrounds because piece of the SC iteration. The SC equally showcased newly tailored black resin bumpers plus changes with the front suspension spring rate with enhance ride plus handling. The four-wheel drive adaptation, badged "4WD", came inside October 1983 because a 1.8-liter model with floor-mounted five-speed guide just, consequently becoming a seven-passenger model by losing the front-row center seat. After another facelift inside late 1984, the auto became the SD series, introducing greater equipment plus black headlight surrounds and a black trim part between your headlights about "Starwagon" plus "4WD" trims. The SD revision furthermore upgraded the "4WD" with a 2.0-liter engine, with all the 1.8-liter standard problem inside a brand-new long-wheelbase commercial model. A final minor update, the SE series appeared inside 1986.
From 1987 till 1990, Mitsubishi available this model inside little numbers inside the United States because the "Wagon" for passenger versions plus "Van" for windowless cargo versions. The US versions all received a 107 horsepower variation of the 2.4-liter 4G64 engine. For model years 1990 plus 1991 an LS variation of the Wagon was added. Taiwanese-produced CMC Delica vans are available inside Mexico because the Dodge 1000 because of July 2007. The Mitsubishi Expo LRV changed the Van/Wagon inside 1992.

In the early 2000s fanatics started importing the favored van with Canada. The 4WD turbo diesel van is furthermore a normal choice for Canadian postal employees that need the appropriate hand drive car.
On October 20, 2006 Mitsubishi Motors announced which the upcoming generation of its monobox minivan will be called the Delica D:5, based found on the Concept D-5 prototype initial displayed at the 39th Tokyo Motor Show inside 2005. It is an eight-seater, which attributes Mitsubishi's AWC 4 wheel drive program plus an INVECS-III constantly varying transmission, combined with a 4B12 2.4 L MIVEC inline-four engine. Based about a new international GS platform, new Delica attributes Mitsubishi's next-generation RISE protection body. A 2.0-liter adaptation of the engine is additionally accessible.

It was introduced inside Japan about January 31, 2007, with costs ranging from ¥2,614,500 with ¥3,412,500.

Available for January 2013 is the clean diesel variant of the D:5, that comes with Mitsubishi's brand modern 2.2 L 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine which produces 148 PS of force plus 360 Nm of torque. Mitsubishi claims which this fresh 4N14 diesel engine is reliable at low revs plus smooth acceleration till significant revs. With reduced stress plus temperature inside the cylinder, it achieves a low compression ratio of 14.9. The Mitsubishi Delica D:5 with Clean Diesel engine has a gas expenditure of 13.6 km/L based about JC08 Mode cycle.
Immediately after the end of the Second World War, the organization returned with production cars. Fuso bus manufacturing resumed, when a little three-wheeled cargo car called the Mizushima along with a scooter called the Silver Pigeon were additionally developed. But, the zaibatsu were ordered with be dismantled by the Allied powers inside 1950, plus Mitsubishi Heavy Industries was split into 3 territorial firms, every with an participation inside engine car development: West Japan Heavy-Industries, Central Japan Heavy-Industries, plus East Japan Heavy-Industries.

East Japan Heavy-Industries started importing the Henry J, an inexpensive American sedan built by Kaiser Motors, inside knockdown kit shape inside 1951, plus continued with bring those to Japan for the rest of the car's three-year manufacturing run. The same year, Central Japan Heavy-Industries concluded a synonymous contract with Willys for CKD-assembled Jeep CJ-3Bs. This deal proven more durable, with certified Mitsubishi Jeeps inside manufacturing till 1998, thirty years following Willys themselves had changed the model.

By the beginning of the 1960s Japan's economy was gearing up; wages were increasing as well as the idea of family motoring was taking off. Central Japan Heavy-Industries, today well-known as Shin Mitsubishi Heavy-Industries, had absolutely re-established an automotive department inside its headquarters inside 1953. Then it was prepared with introduce the Mitsubishi 500, a mass marketplace sedan, to satisfy the brand-new need from customers. It followed this inside 1962 with all the Minica kei vehicle as well as the Colt 1000, the initial of its Colt line of family vehicles, inside 1963.

West Japan Heavy-Industries plus East Japan Heavy-Industries had equally extended their automotive departments inside the 1950s, as well as the 3 were re-integrated because Mitsubishi Heavy Industries inside 1964. Within 3 years its output was over 75,000 cars yearly. After the effective introduction of the initial Galant inside 1969 plus synonymous development with its commercial car division, it was decided which the organization could create a single procedure with focus found on the automotive industry. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation was created about April 22, 1970 because a wholly owned subsidiary of MHI below the leadership of Tomio Kubo, a effective engineer within the aircraft division.

The logo of 3 red diamonds, shared with over forty alternative firms in the keiretsu, predates Mitsubishi Motors itself by virtually a century. It was selected by Iwasaki Yatarō, the founder of Mitsubishi, because it was suggestive of the emblem of the Tosa Clan whom initially employed him, plus considering his own family crest was 3 rhombuses stacked atop every different. The name Mitsubishi is a portmanteau of mitsu plus hishi.

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