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The Mazda6 or Mazda 6 is a Mid-size car produced by japan automobile maker Mazda since 2002, now in its 3rd generation. The Mazda6 was 1st illustration of their brand new elegant, Insightful, and Spirited design philosophy followed closely by the

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Introduction; Vehicle Identification Numbers; Recall Information; Buying Parts; Maintenance Techniques Tools and Working Facilities; Jacking and Towing; Booster Battery (jump) starting; Automotive Chemicals and Lubricants; Conversion Factors; Fraction/Decimal/Millimeter Equivalents; Safety First!; Troubleshooting* Tune-up and Routine Maintenance* Four Cylinder Engines* V6 Engines* General Engine Overhaul Procedures* Cooling Heating and Air Conditioning Systems* Fuel and Exhaust Systems* Engine Electrical Systems* Emissions Engine Control Systems* Manual Transaxle* Automatic Transaxle* Clutch Driveaxles* Brakes* Suspension and Steering Systems* Body* Chassis Electrical System* Wiring DiagramsNOTE: Only maintenance adjustment minor repair procedures plus removal and installation are described for the Transmissions. click


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ModelsDOES NOT Cover Turbocharged or Diesel ModelsContents:- Introductory PagesAbout this Manual; Introduction; Vehicle Identification Numbers; Recall Information; Buying Parts; Maintenance Techniques Tools and Working Facilities; Jacking and Towing; Booster Battery (jump) starting; Automotive Chemicals and Lubricants; Conversion Factors; Fraction/Decimal/Millimeter Equivalents; Safety First!; Troubleshooting- Tune-up and Routine Maintenance- Four Cylinder Engines- V6 Engines- General Engine Overhaul Procedures- Cooling Heating and Air Conditioning Systems- Fuel and Exhaust Systems- Engine Electrical Systems- Emissions Engine Control Systems- Manual Transaxle- Automatic Transaxle- Clutch Driveaxles- Brakes- Suspension and Steering Systems- Body- Chassis Electrical System- Wiring DiagramsNOTE: Only maintenance adjustment minor repair procedures plus removal and installation are described for the Trans more here.....

The Mazda6 or Mazda 6 is a Mid-size car produced by japan automobile maker Mazda since 2002, now in its 3rd generation. It changed the long-serving Mazda 626 which changed the Mazda 616 in 1977. The Mazda6 has actually marketed over one million devices globally since its introduction, hitting this product sales milestone quicker than all previous Mazdas.

The Mazda6 was 1st illustration of their brand new elegant, Insightful, and Spirited design philosophy followed closely by the Mazda2 in December 2002, the RX-8 in August 2003, the Mazda3 in January 2004, the Mazda5 in the summer of 2005, the MX-5 in October 2005, and also the Mazda CX-7 in November 2006. The 2003 Mazda6 is essentially the 4th generation Mazda 626 whilst the Mazda6 goes on regarding the G-platform, advancing from the GF-platform 626/Capella towards GG-platform Mazda6.

MZR may be the brand of a generation of Straight-4 machines engineered and built by the Mazda Motor Corporation from 2001 to the present. MZR stands for MaZda Responsive". The MZR generation includes gas and diesel-powered motors varying in displacements from 1.3L to 2.5L. All gasoline-powered MZRs feature an all-aluminum block construction with metal cylinder liners. The diesel MZR-CD motors need a cast-iron block and an aluminum cylinder mind.

There are three certain engine families in the MZR which include:

the tiny 1.3L to 1.6L Mazda Z-engine,
the mid-sized 1.8L to 2.5L Mazda L-engine, and
the 2.0L and 2.2L common-rail diesel Mazda R-engine.

Each motor possesses its own engine code as well as reliability should-be identified with these types of.

The DISI turbocharged MZR L3-VDT is from the Ward's 10 most useful motors list for 3 successive many years for 2006, 2007 and 2008.

The Ford Motor providers has rights to construct and employ the MZR generation of machines under their particular Duratec brand for global solution in its automobiles since 2003.

At the time of 2011, Mazda stopped growth of the MZR generation of machines to-be replaced by their brand new SkyActiv generation of engines. Ford will continue to develop and make alternatives of Z-engine and L-engine for their Duratec and EcoBoost four-cylinder motors. Another generation MX-5 is still produced utilizing the MZR 1.8 or 2.0 engine, that might be delivered from the factory with a Ford Motor business oils filter fitted, suggesting a shared production range.
The model lineup consist of a four-door sedan, a five-door hatchback and a five-door property, advertised in united states while the "recreation Sedan", "5-Door" and "Sport Wagon", correspondingly. In Australian Continent, the lineup starts with Limited, readily available best as a saloon. Then appear the Timeless, obtainable in saloon, hatch or property. The Luxury design was next available in saloon and hatch variations. Topping the range may be the Luxury activities model, available only as a hatch. In New Zealand the lineup consisted of 2.0L GLX, 2.3L GSX, and also the range-topping 2.3L restricted.

When it found its way to North America, it was initially sold as a 2003 design in the us and also as a 2004 design in Canada. In European countries, the blissful luxury sports design is readily available as a 120 hp direct injections turbodiesel home up until 2007. By 2008, the European Mazda catalog records only the "Sport" type of the 146 hp turbodiesel home, whilst the "deluxe athletics" variation has-been fallen.

Drivetrain combinations are the Mazda MZR motor in designs of 1.8 L, 2.0 L and 2.3 L, at first with a five-speed guide or four-speed automatic transmission. In america domestic market a 3.0 L Duratec 30 V6 motor is also available with a five-speed manual or five-speed automated. European and Australian variations also showcase a four-cylinder turbodiesel that accompany a six-speed manual transmission and produces more torque than the V6, with a great deal enhanced gasoline economic climate.

In united states, the 5-speed automatic optional in the V6 versions try replaced by an Aisin 6-speed automatic for 2005 design year. The four-cylinder design obtains a Jatco five-speed automatic when you look at the next season. Energy are directed to your forward wheels in many markets, although full time all-wheel-drive designs are available in Japan, Europe and Australian Continent. Not all the designs can be found in every area - like, the Mazda 6 as circulated in Australia will come in 2.3L four-cylinder guise best, even though the 626 which it changed was available with either four- or six-cylinder motors. The MZI V6 motor was only fitted to automobiles produced at Flat stone, Michigan and destined the US and Canadian domestic areas.

Just as before the Mazda 626 ended up being renamed to Mazda6 Atenza, Ford continues to utilize the Mazda's G-series system the basis of several their CD3 platform coded cars, including the Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan, Lincoln Zephyr/MKZ, Lincoln MKX, and a selection of SUVs and minivans. Ford furthermore intends to promote a hybrid powertrain regarding the platform. The state Mazda chassis rules tend to be GG and GY sets - following 626/Capella in its GF/GW show.

Mazda's Hofu herbs in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan create the Mazda6 for international areas from February 2002 to August 2007. In the united states, Mazda 6 production is managed during the AutoAlliance International plant which can be a joint venture between Ford and Mazda. The very first Mazda 6 rolled down this Flat Rock, Michigan assembly line on October 1, 2002, one month after 626 manufacturing finished. There are satellite vegetation creating Mazda 6 products in China and Thailand for respective regional markets.

In September 2005, all Australian Mazda six's received a facelift including an attribute update, 5-speed car and 6-speed handbook transmissions, standard 16- or 17-inch alloy wheels and minor bodywork updates.

In China, the Mazda6 was introduced by FAW Mazda in 2003. Despite the launch of its successors, the very first generation vehicles, understood in your area as the Maliu, remains manufactured at FAW's Changchun, Jilin, plant, creating marketed over 770,000 models by 2014. This design normally used because the base for FAW Benteng, also referred to as Besturn or Hongqi C301.
The stages are typically known as Euro 1, Euro 2, Euro 3, Euro 4 and Euro 5 for Light task car requirements. The corresponding variety of criteria for Heavy Duty Vehicles incorporate Roman, instead of Arabic numerals

The legal framework consists in a few directives, each amendments to the 1970 Directive 70/220/EEC. Listed here try a summary set of the requirements, when they come right into energy, whatever they affect, and which EU directives offer the concept of the typical.

Euro 1:
For passenger vehicles - 91/441/EEC.
Furthermore for passenger automobiles and light trucks - 93/59/EEC.
Euro 2 for traveler vehicles - 94/12/EC
For bike - 2002/51/EC - 2006/120/EC
Euro 3 for just about any vehicle - 98/69/EC
For motorcycle - 2002/51/EC - 2006/120/EC
Euro 4 for automobile - 98/69/EC
Euro 5 and Euro 6 for light passenger and commercial automobiles - 715/2007/EC

These limitations supersede the original directive on emission limits 70/220/EEC.

The classifications for vehicle group are defined by:

Percentage Directive 2001/116/EC of 20 December 2001, adjusting to technical progress Council Directive 70/156/EEC regarding the approximation regarding the rules for the user shows concerning the type-approval of motor vehicles and their particular trailers
Directive 2002/24/EC of the European Parliament as well as the Council of 18 March 2002 relating to the type-approval of two or three-wheeled automobiles and repealing Council Directive 92/61/EEC

In the region of fuels, the 2001 Biofuels Directive requires that 5.75per cent of most transport fossil fuels ought to be changed by biofuels by 31 December 2010, with an intermediate target of 2per cent by the end of 2005. But MEPs need since voted to lower this target inside aftermath of the latest clinical research in regards to the sustainability of biofuels in addition to impact on meals prices. In a vote in Strasbourg, the European parliament’s environment committee supported a plan to curb the EU target for renewable supply in transport to 4per cent by 2015. In addition they stated that a comprehensive assessment could be required in 2015 before the EU could progress to an 8-10% level by 2020.
The 2006 Mazdaspeed Atenza are a high-performance form of the Mazda 6. Their mission report had been written with Peter Birtwhistle, main of Mazda's advanced level design studio in Germany at the time. It absolutely was in the beginning unveiled as a concept on 2002 Paris showcase. It features a turbocharged form of the 2.3 L MZR I4 which brings 272 PS; the North American version, at 274 hp, modified to 270 hp for 2007). All designs have 280 lb·ft of torque. This 2.3 L DISI turbocharged engine functions direct gasoline injections and conforms into the brand new Euro 5 emissions specifications. It has a revised front fascia with an elevated hood, a 6-speed handbook transmission, and all-wheel drive. The all-wheel-drive system utilizes Mazda's Active Torque Split computer-based controls, which routes up to 50percent associated with the power to a corner wheels according to operating conditions.

Initially planned becoming established in Summer 2005, the Mazdaspeed Atenza was delayed until November. In united states, the Mazdaspeed6 will come in two trim amount; the "recreation" trim with fabric inside and standard key entry and ignition; together with "Grand Touring" cut with leather internal, keyless entry/ignition, and an optional DVD navigation. Automated environment controls try standard, as it is a 200 W Bose stereo system featuring seven speakers and a 6-inch subwoofer and an in-dash six-disc CD changer. A sunroof with moonroof function was recommended from the Grand Touring trim.

Vehicle and Driver mag possess achieved a 0-60 miles per hour period of 5.4 moments with this car.
The united states version had been redesigned when it comes to 2009 model season. The Wagon is no longer being offered to united states users, most likely as a result of CAFE laws, which favour the SUV platform. Its a widened and lengthened version of the design marketed elsewhere, with bigger motors. Reviewers posses mentioned their coupe-like roofline and sportier style. United states system options consist of a brand new 2.5-liter 4-cylinder and North American variations get the 3.7-liter V6 which is also obtainable in the Mazda CX-9. Motor Trend recorded a 0-60 mph speed period of 6.1 moments when it comes to Mazda 6 V6.

In the usa, only a sedan model is readily available. A Mazdaspeed 6 variation had not been supplied. Regardless of the North American variation's increase in proportions, Mazda maintains that 6 keeps the entire driving enjoy remains sportier than rivaling Honda Accords, Toyota Camrys, or Chevrolet Malibus. Early analysis were positive.

On March 3, 2011, around 50,000 Mazda6 motors through the 2009–10 design ages had been remembered in the United States, with another 15,000 in Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico after it had been discovered that Yellow Sac Spiders are design nests when you look at the gasoline distinct the vehicles. The Mazda6 possess two pipes coming from their gas tank, a very rare configuration. The total amount of gasoline vapor into the fuel line is simply powerful enough to draw the spider in although not stronger adequate to destroy they. On April 5, 2014, Mazda reissued similar recall for spiders against all 2010-2012 Mazda6 automobiles with 2.5 liter engines.

Japanese carmaker Mazda possess established its recalling 65,000 vehicles in North and Central America due to problems over spiders into the gas program.

A Mazda spokesman stated dealers had discover 20 cases where webs of yellow sac spiders are present in a vent range.

The business stated this may increase stress within the gas tank, leading to possible splits and a danger of fire.

Dealers will look at the vehicles for splits, remove any webs and put in a spring into the range to help keep from spiders.

About 50,000 Mazda6 vehicles from the 2009-10 design many years are increasingly being remembered in the usa, with another 15,000 in Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Mazda spokesman Jeremy Barnes said it had been unclear why the yellowish sac spider liked to construct nests in the Mazda6.

"possibly yellowish sac spiders like to go zoom-zoom?" he joked, discussing Mazda's marketing and advertising slogan for car.

The company said it would not understand of any accidents or fires caused by the spider webs.

We had been marketed as soon as Mazda told us the business meant to products additional energy and all-wheel drive to the frisky 6 sedan. Mazda is better than most at making complete dynamic utilization of every pony, and Mazdaspeed 6 isn't any exemption. An abundance of energy are on tap -- the 2.3-liter, turbocharged and direct-injected four-cylinder motor provides 270 horse power and is a reminder how far Mazda's piston machines has progressed in the last decade, from cast-iron-block dinosaurs to top-shelf powerplants.

There are all-wheel-drive methods built to lessen getting trapped in a snowdrift or pile of cow pucky, and there are the ones that work to assist you to go quicker. We appreciate the former, dig the latter. The Mazdaspeed 6's all-wheel drive features an electromechanical wet-clutch pack, when combinations of wheel slip, steering direction, horizontal grams, and stuff like that are found, some type of computer can send as much as 50 % of the available 280 lb-ft of torque towards the rear tires. The machine doesn't write something like lurid and beautiful oversteer, however it is a very good antidote for killjoy understeer.

The Mazdaspeed 6's best enemy are its nearly 3600-pound curb body weight, which it admittedly bundle tight to their chest. Quick gears, a quick best drive, and a six-speed container indicates their left foot works to extract maximum grunt, but because of the race of acceleration, it really is never a chore.

The Mazdaspeed 6 outlay almost as much as an Evo or an STI but is much less severe; it spending under a pimped-out A4 Quattro but does not promote Audi's cachet. Rather, they sits someplace in the center, offering Mazda-authentic gusto, commendable convenience, and smooth styling.


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