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The Toyota Land Cruiser is a series of four-wheel drive cars yielded by the Japanese vehicle machine Toyota. Production of the initial generation Land Cruiser started inside 1951 because Toyota's variation of the Jeep-like car.Improvements inside energy, gas economy, plus

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Toyota Land Cruiser (Diesel) 1980 - 1998 Haynes Owners Service Repair Manual covers the Diesel Engined Land Cruiser HJ60 HJ61 HJ70 HJ75 HZJ80 and HDJ80.Does NOT cover BK or Colorado models.Diesel Engines Covered: 4.0 litre (3980 cc) 2H 12H-T OHV 6 Cylinder 4.2 litre (4164 cc) 1HZ OHC 6 Cylinder 4.2 litre (4164 cc) 1HD-T OHC 6 Cylinder 4.2 litre (4164 cc) 1HD-FT OHC 24-valve ()Transmissions Covered: H41 and H42 4-speed manual (1990 and earlier) H55F 5-speed manual (1990 and earlier plus 1990 and later 70 series) H140F H150F and H151F 5-speed manual (80 series) A440F or A442F 4-speed automaticNOTE: Only maintenance adjustment minor repair procedures plus removal and installation are described for the Automatic Transmission.Contents: Introductory PagesAbout this Manual; Introduction to the Toyota Land Cr

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Toyota Landcruiser BJ HJ LJ 1972 - 1990 Diesel - Ellery Repair Manual NEWNEW 400 pages Toyota Landcruiser Diesel BJ HJ LJ 1972 - 1990 Owners Service Repair Manual covers: Toyota Landcruiser Diesel BJ HJ and LJ - 40 s 55 s 60 s 70 s and Bundera. Toyota though four and six cylinder models with all the body styles needed to go anywhere any time. All of these models are featured in these manuals just what you need when contemplating a trip. We have covered all the information the enthusiast needs from a grease and oil change to a full rebuild.Engines covered: B 3B 13B-T L 2L 2L-T (2446cc) H 2H (3980cc) and 12H-T (3980cc turbo).Contents: # Introduction. # Engine Tune-Up and Maintenance. # Diesel Engines: B 3B 13B-T L 2L 2L-T H 2H 12H-T. # Diesel Fuel Systems. # Lubrication System. # Cooling System. # Starter and Alternator System. # Turbocharger. # Clutch. # Manual Transmission: 3 Speed J30: 4 5 Speed H41 H42 H55F: 4 5 Speed G40 G52F. # Automatic Transmissions. # Transfer Systems. # Propeller Shaft

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Toyota Land Cruiser 78 79 100 105 Series Petrol Diesel 1998 - 2007 Haynes Owners Service Repair Manual Covers: Toyota Land Cruiser Petrol Diesel Series 78 79 100 and 105. Petrol Engines Covered: - 4.5 litre (4 477cc) DOHC 1FZ-FE - 4.7 litre (4 664cc) DOHC 2UZ-FE Diesel Engines Covered: - 4.2 litre (4164cc) SOHC 1HZ Indirect Injection 6 Cylinder - 4.2 litre (4164cc) SOHC 1HD-FTE Direct Injection 6 Cylinder Turbo Transmissions Transfer Cases Covered: - R151F 5 Speed Manual Transmission (removal/installation oil seals dismantling inspection reassembly) - H150F H151F 5 Speed Manual Transmission (removal/installation oil seals dismantling inspection reassembly) - A442F 4 speed automatic transmission (removal/installation cables linkages inhibitor switch oil seals but not overhaul) - HF1A Dual Range Part-Time 4WD Transfer Case (removal/installation oil seals dismantling inspection reassembly diff lock shift motor) - HF2A Dual Range Constant 4WD with Locking Differential Transfer Case (removal/installation oil seals dismantling inspection reassembly diff lock shift motor) Con

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Toyota Landcruiser 1990 - 2007 Diesel - Ellery Repair Manual NEWNEW 500 pages This is an excellent manual with over 500 pages. It has step by step instructions covering all aspects of the vehicles. The manual Covers station wagons utilities troop carriers and tray models.The first chapter Engine tune-up and maintenance guides you through the most basic maintenance and tune-up. It includes the specifications required regardless of whether you are an owner wishing to change the oil or a mechanic requiring specifications for tune-up and maintenance.Engine chapter - We have covered all 6 cylinder diesel engines 1HZ 1HD-T 1HD-FT and 1HD-FTE that Toyota ran from 1990 to 2002. Turbocharged engines are included. This chapter is full of step by step instructions plus plenty of photographs and line illustrations to give the reader explicit detail suitable for everyone regardless of w

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Toyota Land Cruiser (Petrol Diesel) 2007 - 2016 Haynes Owners Service Repair Manual covers the following Series - UZJ200R URJ200R VDJ200R VDJ76R VDJ78R VDJ79RPetrol Engines Covered: 4.6 litre V8 (1UR-FE) URJ200R 4.7 litre V8 (2UZ-FE) UZJ200RDiesel Engines Covered: 4.5 litre V8 Diesel Turbo (1VD-FTV) - VDJ200R 4.5 litre V8 Diesel Turbo (1VD-FTV) - VDJ76R/78R/79RContents: Introductory Pages About this Manual; Introduction to the Toyota Land Cruiser; Vehicle Identification Numbers; Recall Information; Buying Parts; Maintenance Techniques Tools and Working Facilities; Booster Battery (jump) starting; Jacking and Towing; Automotive Chemicals and Lubricants; Safety First!; Conversion Factors; Troubleshooting Routine Maintenance Petrol Engines Diesel Engines General Engine Overhaul Procedures Cooling Heating and Air Conditioning Fuel and Exhaust Systems - Petrol Engines Fuel and Exhaus

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Toyota Land Cruiser Petrol and Diesel 78 79 100 and 105 series 1998-2007 Gregorys Service and Repair Manual NEW - Paperback Toyota Land Cruiser 4WD Petrol Diesel 1998 - 2007 Gregorys Owners Service Repair Manual Covers the following Vehicles:- Wagon Utility Hardtop Cab Chassis Troop Carrier Standard RV GXL- 78 and 79 series- 100 series- 105 seriesEngines Covered: - 4.2 litre (4164 cc) 1HZ indirect-injection SOHC 6 cylinder diesel - 4.2 litre (4164 cc) 1HD-FTE direct-injection SOHC 6 cylinder turbo diesel - 4.5 litre 1FZ-FE 6 Cylinder Petrol - 4 7 litre 2UZ-FE V8 PetrolTransmissions covered: - R151F 5-speed manual - A442F 4-speed automatic - HF1A transfer caseContents: - Introductory Pages About this Manual; Introduction to the Toyota Land

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Toyota 2H Engine Repair Factory Manual USED USED - good condition Genuine Factory Manual 1980

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Toyota 2H 12H-T Engine Repair Factory Manual USED USED - stained cover but otherwise in good condition Genuine Factory Manual 1985 2HThe 2H is a 4.0 L (3 980 cc) inline 6 12 valve OHV indirect injection diesel engine. Bore is 91 mm and stroke is 102 mm with a compression ratio of 20.7:1. Output is 105 PS (77 kW) at 3 500 rpm - later production years 107 hp (80 kW) with 177 lb ft (240 N m) of torque at 2 000 rpm. Toyota Land Cruiser HJ47 HJ60 HJ75 Toyota Dyna HU20 30 40 50 Toyota Coaster HB20 3012H-TThe 12H-T is a 4.0 L (3 980 cc) inline 6 12 valve OHV turbocharged direct injection diesel engine. Bore is 91 mm and stroke is 102 mm with a compression ratio of 18.6:1. Output is 134 hp (100 kW) at 3500 rpm with 232 lb ft (315 N m) of torque at 1 800 rpm on the stock configuration of 7PSI of boost. T

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Toyota Land Cruiser - Chassis and Body Genuine Manual (Heavy Duty) - Covers FJ62 FJ70 FJ73 FJ75 BJ60 BJ70 BJ73 BJ75 HJ60 HJ75 USED October 1984 - good condition has marks and tears but all very readable. Does not cover the engine. Covers Clutch transmission (4 speed H41 and H42 and 3 speed J30) transfer case propeller shaft front and rear axles steering brakes winch fram body and electrical.

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Toyota Land Cruiser (Petrol Diesel) 2007-2016 (Series 76 78 79 200 202) Gregorys Owners Service Repair Manual covers Wagon Utility Cab Chassis Troop CarrierSeries Covered: UZJ200R URJ2002R VDJ200R VDJ76R VDJ78R VDJ79RPetrol Engines Covered: 4.6 litre V8 (1UR-FE) URJ200R 4.7 litre V8 (2UZ-FE) UZJ200RDiesel Engines Covered: 4.5 litre V8 Diesel Turbo (1VD-FTV) - VDJ200R 4.5 litre V8 Diesel Turbo (1VD-FTV) - VDJ76R/78R/79RContents: Introductory Pages About this Manual; Introduction to the Toyota Land Cruiser; Vehicle Identification Numbers; Recall Information; Buying Parts; Maintenance Techniques Tools and Working Facilities; Booster Battery (jump) starting; Jacking and Towing; Automotive Chemicals and Lubricants; Safety First!; Conversion Factors; Troubleshooting Routine Maintenance Petrol Engines Diesel Engines General Engine Overhaul Procedures Cooling Heating and Air Conditioning Fuel and Exhaust Systems - Petrol Engines Fuel and Exhaust Systems - Diesel Engines Engine

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Toyota Land Cruiser 60 70 and 80 series 4.0 and 4.2 litre Diesel Gregory Service and Repair Manual 1980-1998Toyota Landcruiser Diesel 4WD 1980 - 1998 Gregorys Owners Service Repair Manual covers Hardtop Wagon Utility Cab Chassis Troop Carrier Standard RV GXL Sahara.Series Covered - HJ60 HJ61 HJ70 HJ75 HZJ80 HDJ80Diesel Engines Covered: - 4.0 litre 2H 6 Cylinder OHV Indirect Injection - 4.0 litre 12H-T 6 Cylinder OHV Direct Injection Turbocharged - 4.2 litre 1HZ 6 Cylinder SOHC - 4.2 litre 1HD-T 6 Cinderyl SOHC Direct Turbocharged - 4.2 litre 1HD-FT 6 Cylinder SOHC Direct Turbo 24v.Covers everything you need to know step by step procedures hundreds of photographs and illustrations routine maintenance wiring diagrams repairs and overhauls and what tools to buy. Gregorys manuals are based on an actual vehicle stripdown and are researched and written by automotive engineers with vast experience.Gregorys workshop manuals are produced for the Australian market. These vehicle specifications may vary from those sold in other countries. Please be aware of these possible differences prior to using the data contained within.Published by Gregorys (Gre

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Toyota Land Cruiser (Diesel) 1980 - 1998 Haynes Owners Service Repair Manual covers the Diesel Engined Land Cruiser HJ60 HJ61 HJ70 HJ75 HZJ80 and HDJ80.Does NOT cover BK or Colorado models.Diesel Engines covered:#9679; 4.0 litre (3980 cc) quot;2H 12H-Tquot; OHV 6 Cylinder#9679; 4.2 litre (4164 cc) quot;1HZquot; OHC 6 Cylinder#9679; 4.2 litre (4164 cc) quot;1HD-Tquot; OHC 6 Cylinder#9679; 4.2 litre (4164 cc) quot;1HD-FTquot; OHC 24-valve ()Transmissions described:#9679; H41 and H42 4-speed manual (1990 and earlier)#9679; H55F 5-speed manual (1990 and earlier plus 1990 and later 70 series)#9679; H140F H150F and H151F 5-speed manual (80 series)#9679; A440F or A442F 4-speed automaticNOTE: Only maintenance adjustment minor repair procedures plus removal and installation are described for the transmissions.Inside this manual you will find: Routine Maintenance tune-up procedures engine repair cooling and heating air-conditioning fuel and exhaust e

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a series of four-wheel drive cars yielded by the Japanese vehicle machine Toyota. It is Toyota's greatest running series.

Production of the initial generation Land Cruiser started inside 1951 because Toyota's variation of the Jeep-like car. The Land Cruiser has been yielded inside convertible, hardtop, station wagon, plus utility truck versions. The Land Cruiser's security plus longevity has led with big recognition, specifically inside South Sudan plus Australia where it is actually the best-selling body-on-frame, four-wheel drive car. Toyota moreover thoroughly tests the Land Cruiser inside the Australian outback — regarded as among the toughest running conditions inside both temperature plus terrain. Main rivals include the Range Rover, Land Rover Discovery, Jeep Wrangler, Mitsubishi Pajero plus Nissan Patrol. In Japan, the Land Cruiser is exclusive with Toyota Japanese dealerships called Toyota Store.Turbo-diesel, additionally created because turbodiesel plus turbo diesel pertains with any diesel engine built with a turbocharger. Turbocharging is usual inside contemporary automobile plus truck diesel machines with make high force outputs, lower emissions degrees, plus improved efficiency from a synonymous ability of engine. Turbo-diesels inside cars provide a high refinement degrees than their naturally aspirated counterparts.
Improvements inside energy, gas economy, plus Noise, Vibration, plus Harshness inside both small- plus large-capacity turbodiesels over the last decade have spurred their common adoption inside certain markets, notably inside Europe where they create up over 50% of brand-new vehicle registrations. Turbodiesels are considered more flexible for automotive uses than naturally aspirated diesels, that have sturdy low-speed torque outputs however deficiency energy at high speeds. Turbodiesels is crafted with have a more acceptable spread of both force plus torque over their speed range or, when being built for commercial employ, is crafted with better either torque or force at a provided speed depending found on the actual utilize. Naturally aspirated diesels, virtually without exception, have a lower force output than a petrol engine of the same capability while the same time requiring stronger internal components like the pistons plus crankshaft with withstand the better stresses of the diesel engine's running cycle. These factors provide naturally aspirated diesels a bad power-to-weight ratio. Turbocharger units weigh truly small yet could provide extensive energy, torque, plus efficiency improvements. Fitting a turbocharger may bring a diesel engine's power-to-weight ratio about the same level because an equal petrol device, generating turbodiesels desirable for automotive utilize, where producers aim for similar force outputs plus handling attributes over their range, irrespective of the kind of energy device selected.
A Mazda3 with a contemporary well-known rail 1.6 liter turbodiesel engine with varying geometry turbocharger, intercooler, 16 valves, double overhead camshafts plus piezo controlled 7-stage direct injection.

Turbochargers are inside numerous techniques more suited with procedure inside diesel machines. The small speed range which Diesel motors function inside mean which the turbocharger has with change speed less, reducing turbo lag plus improving efficiency. Diesel machines never need dump valves. Perhaps many greatly, the diesel engine is immune with detonation considering the gas is not injected till when of combustion. So, the compression ratio refuses to need to be reduced, or additional anti-detonation measures taken, because will be needed for a turbocharged spark-ignition engine. The turbodiesel engine could equally assist with all the amount of torque it can provide out. Commonly employed inside pickups, it assists enhance the towing ability of the truck, and also gas economy.

The Land Cruiser 60 series was yielded from 1980 from 1990 for many markets however the Cumana Plant inside Venezuela continued till 1992 for their surrounding marketplace. It is a front engine, 4 door wagon that will seat five with 8 persons. Like all Land Cruiser decades, it is actually popular inside the off-road globe for the off-road abilities however was somewhat limited by its awkward departure angles. The 60 series was obtainable in the following strong outdoor colors: Alpine White, Brown, Desert Beige, Freeborn Red, Royal Blue; plus inside the following metallic outdoor colors: Charcoal Gray, Cognac, Gray-Blue, Rootbeer, Sky Blue, Stardust Silver.

1980 — The 60 series was introduced. While nevertheless keeping the durable off-road characteristics of past Land Cruisers, the 60 was crafted with better compete inside the emerging sport utility car marketplace. The 60 was provided a range of comforts like air conditioner, a back heater plus an upgraded interior. The FJ60's "2F" petrol engine was left unchanged within the "40" series whilst six-cylinder four.0 L 2H plus four-cylinder 3.4 L 3B diesel motors were put into the product line.
1981 — Land Cruiser sales surpassed 1 million along with a high-roof variation was introduced. The 60 series was introduced with South Africa whenever a stock Land Cruiser competed inside the Toyota 1000 km Desert Race inside the punishing wilds of Botswana.
1984 — This was the final year for the 40 series.
1984 — Alongside the 60 series, the 70 series was introduced.
1985 — The Direct-injection 12H-T turbodiesel engine was introduced.
1988 — The petrol engine was upgraded with a four.0 L 3F-E EFI engine. The FJ62G VX-Series was introduced permitting the Land Cruiser with be available inside Japan because a passenger car.

A turbocharger is usually better than a supercharger except outright force is necessary. Turbochargers provide improved energy without the same decrease inside gas economy. In both a turbo- along with a supercharged engine, force is improved by providing air below stress with the engine's cylinders. This enables an improved amount of gas with be burnt, producing more energy. But, this inevitably increases gas usage.

A supercharger is driven straight within the engine and therefore its boost output is straight associated with engine speed. A turbocharger is much more straight controlled by the stress of the exhaust gases that, plus improving with engine speed, moreover fluctuate greatly with engine weight.

Whenever a diesel engine is place beneath a weight there is better resistance with the expansion of combustion gases inside the cylinder. This increases combustion stress plus temperature that, consequently, increases the stress plus temperature of the exhaust gases. A turbodiesel engine beneath a thick weight usually therefore drive its turbocharger at a better speed than when the same engine is run at the same rpm below small or no weight.

This has the impact a turbocharger delivers boost, therefore improving energy just whenever such a force heighten is need by placing the engine below a thick weight. A turbodiesel-powered car accelerating from rest, for illustration, may place its engine below a thick weight, therefore causing excellent boost pressures with be delivered by the turbocharger. This really is recognized by the gas injection program that provides more gas with offer more force. When the car reaches a continual speed plus continual engine rpm, the weight reduces greatly, as well as the stress of the exhaust gases by the turbo drop. Boost plus gas delivery decrease, therefore reducing gas expenditure with close to the same degrees because a naturally aspirated diesel engine. If, state, the car begins climbing a gradient, the engine weight increases as well as the turbocharger plus gas program offer more force. Extra gas is delivered just whenever required.

A supercharger provides near-constant boost pressures, so fuel expenditure suffers. Superchargers have the benefit of getting no boost threshold plus virtually no lag. Superchargers just have to be associated with the engine's intake program, therefore generating installation simpler plus reducing with certain extent the heighten inside internal temperatures which happens with turbocharging.

Even inside motors working beneath a continual weight, turbochargers have blessings over superchargers. The leading benefit is the fact that a turbocharger refuses to take energy within the engine with the same extent a supercharger does. A supercharger takes energy straight within the engine's crankshaft with drive it. Large units could draw as much as 10% of the engine's total energy whenever at full boost, though naturally, they give a force heighten much better than this. Turbochargers are driven by the engine's exhaust gases. Just a reasonably little power-loss is caused by the turbocharger's turbine restricting the flow of exhaust gases plus improving back-pressure. In a gasoline engine, this power-loss is more pronounced. It is commonly called turbo-lag plus is experienced at lower engine speeds. But, because these speeds are where a diesel is many effective, the turbo spools rather instantly plus lag is virtually non-existent. The diesel's torque output is improved along with a broader range of engine speeds is utilized.

The Land Cruiser 80 series was unveiled inside October 1989 at the Tokyo Motor Show plus introduced inside early 1990. It had swing-out back doorways, that were changed with a winch door inside 1994. The Land Cruiser was nicknamed the Burbuja inside Colombia plus Venezuela due with its roundness, however, it was officially introduced because Land Cruiser Autana inside both nations. The name is a reference with the Tepui mesa Autana, a amazing plateau plus cave program over the Guiana Shield craton. Land Cruiser sales reached 2 million cars.

1990 — The 80 series station wagon was introduced, changing the 60 series. All 80s available inside North America plus Europe have a full-time four-wheel drive program. In Japan, Africa, plus Australia, a part-time program was nonetheless accessible. 80s yielded between 1990 plus 1991 had an open centre differential that was lockable inside 4HI plus automatically secured inside 4LO. From 1992 forward, cars with anti-lock brakes had a viscous coupling which transferred a maximum of 30% torque with the non-slipping axle. The differential was lockable inside 4HI plus automatically secured inside 4LO.
1990 — A fresh generation of diesel machines were introduced, adding with the machines obtainable in the 80 series. The 80 series came with either a six-cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engine, a six-cylinder SOHC naturally aspirated diesel engine,, or perhaps a 1HD-T direct injection turbo diesel.
1991 — By mid-1991 the was introduced with the Australian marketplace, a gas injected variation of the 3F.
1993 — An advanced 24-valve, four.5 L six-cylinder petrol engine, 1FZ-FE was introduced. Larger brakes were added from October 1992 as well as the total wheelbase was created somewhat longer. Front plus back axle lockers appeared because a choice. The High Pinion Electric Locking front differential become obtainable in US models. In May 1993 Toyota started utilizing R134 refrigerant inside the air conditioner program. Serial numbers lower than JT3DJ81xxxxx38947 utilize R12 refrigerant.
1994 — A limited edition Land Cruiser Blue Marlin was introduced into the Australian marketplace. They have four.5 L directly 6 petrol motors with double-overhead cams, automatic or guide transmission plus 158 kW at 4600 rpm. The auto is blue within the Blue Marlin fish as well as have the Blue Marlin logo throughout the vehicle. Some of the attributes which the Blue Marlin included were altimeters, force windows, drive brakes, leather gear knob plus steering wheel, central locking, leather trim, chrome handles plus sidesteps, 16" alloy wheels, limited-slip differential, anti-lock brakes, energy steering, CD plus cassette players, flares, along with a limited edition bull bar. Just 500 were created.
1995 — Driver plus passenger airbags were introduced because were adjustable shoulder-belt anchors plus an anti-lock braking program. The "T O Y O T A" badge was changed with all the contemporary Toyota logo.
1996 — In the Dakar Rally, a pair of Land Cruisers completed initially plus next inside the unmodified manufacturing class. All American plus British 80s adopted anti-lock brakes plus airbags because standard equipment. The Land Cruiser was withdrawn from Canada this year plus was changed by the Lexus LX 450.
1997 — A limited run of Land Cruiser 80s was built especially for collectors plus consequently called the Land Cruiser Collector's Edition. The Collectors Edition sported Collectors Edition badging, "Collector's Edition" embroidered floor mats, automatic climate control, wheels with all the "D" windows painted dark gray plus specialized gray side moldings, plus black pearl badging. The Collectors Edition was just accessible for the 1997 model year as well as the package was put into most accessible body hues.
1997 — 4744 FZJ80 Land Cruisers were available inside the United States because "40th Anniversary Limited Edition" models. They were obtainable in 2 colours; Antique Sage Pearl plus Emerald Green. The 40th Anniversary models included apron badges, a serial quantity badge found on the centre system, black pearl outdoor badges, "40th Anniversary Limited Edition" embroidered floor mats, automatic climate control, two-tone tan plus brown leather interiors, plus wheels with all the "D" windows painted dark gray. Many were produced with all the optional electrical front plus back locking differentials, keyless entry, port-installed rooftop racks, plus running boards. There are certain examples which didn't have various of these extras. This really is the last year for the electrical locking front differentials.
2008 — Last 80-Series car was integrated Venezuela that was truly the only nation producing the cars following manufacturing ended inside Japan inside 1997.
In January 1998, the 100 series Land Cruiser was introduced with substitute the 8-year-old 80 series. The 100 series was previewed inside October 1997 because the "Grand Cruiser" at the 32nd Tokyo Motor Show. Development started inside 1992, with final shape being frozen inside mid-1994.
Pre-facelift Toyota Land Cruiser GXL

There are 2 distinct versions of the 100-series, the 100 as well as the 105. The 2 versions look especially synonymous, however, there are extensive variations below the bodywork. Despite these variations plus official model names, both the 100 plus 105 are jointly well-known as the 100 series.

The 105 carried over most its chassis plus powertrain within the 80-series with coil suspended strong axles front plus back, plus straight-6 petrol plus diesel machines. These models were just available inside African, Australian, Russian, plus South American markets.

The 100 models were fitted with a somewhat wider chassis, independent front suspension plus 2 hot machines. The change with IFS became a initially for a Land Cruiser, plus was prepared with better on-road handling. But it moreover limited the vehicle’s off-road capability plus durability, therefore the choice to provide the strong axle 105 models alongside the IFS 100 models inside several markets. The table under identifies the range of 100 plus 105 models plus their worldwide accessibility.

Although the 100 plus 105 bodies are identical, there are several outdoor graphic indications amongst the 2. The many apparent is the front end of the car usually appearing lower than the back found on the 100 models, due with the IFS. The other signal is the shape of the wheels. The 100 models have virtually flat wheel designs, when the 105 models have dished wheels. This difference enables the 2 versions with retain synonymous wheel tracks, despite that the 100 has a greatly wider axle track with permit for the IFS program.
Facelift Toyota Land Cruiser

The introduction of the V8 engine was furthermore a initially for a Land Cruiser, plus was especially intended with enhance sales inside the North-American marketplace, where it was truly the only engine accessible. In Australia, the 100 V8 was initially just obtainable in the range-topping GXV model, whilst entry plus mid-range models were the 105 driven by the 1FZ-FE I6 petrol, or 1HZ diesel motors. The unique 1HD-FTE turbo-diesel 100 was put into the Australian range inside October 2000 following being obtainable in Europe as well as the UK because release inside 1998. The 4WD media inside Australia were important of Toyota’s choice to provide the acclaimed 1HD-FTE engine just inside combination with IFS. Australian 4WD Monthly magazine mentioned "We can not forgive Toyota for going independent at the front with all the mighty four.2 turbo-diesel".

The 100 series created the basis for the Lexus LX 470, that was furthermore available inside Japan because the Toyota Cygnus.

The 100 series was called the Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon inside the UK plus Ireland from 1998 with 2007.

In 2000, Toyota celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Land Cruiser with commemorative models available inside many nations. Total international manufacturing with date was 3.72 million cars.

The 100 series stayed inside manufacturing till late 2007, with many minor facelifts like headlights, taillights, front grill, back spoiler plus specification changes introduced over time.

Diesel motors gradually eclipsed those driven by steam because the production plus operational efficiencies of the previous created them cheaper with have plus work. While initial bills of diesel motors were excellent, steam locomotives were custom-made for certain railway routes plus lines plus, as a result, economies of scale were difficult with achieve. Though more complex with provide with exacting production tolerances for diesel, compared with 1⁄100-inch for steam), diesel locomotive components were more conducive with mass manufacturing. While the steam engine producer Baldwin available virtually five 100 steam models inside its heyday, EMD available fewer than 10 diesel types.

Diesel locomotives provide substantial working blessings over steam locomotives. They will securely be operated by 1 individual, generating them best for switching/shunting responsibilities inside yards as well as the working environment is more appealing, being much quieter, completely weatherproof plus without the dirt plus heat which is an inevitable element of working a steam locomotive. Diesel locomotives is worked inside numerous with a single team controlling several locomotives throughout a single train—something not useful with steam locomotives. This brought better efficiencies with the operator, because individual locomotives may be comparatively low-powered for utilize because a single device about light tasks however marshaled together with offer the force required about a thick train nevertheless below the control of the single team. With steam traction a single pretty effective plus pricey locomotive was needed for the heaviest trains or the operator resorted with double heading with numerous locomotives plus crews, a system that was furthermore pricey plus brought with it its own working problems.

Diesel motors is began plus stopped virtually immediately, meaning a diesel locomotive has the possible with incur no bills whenever not being utilized. However, it really is nevertheless the practice of big North American railroads with utilize straight water because a coolant inside diesel machines rather of coolants which include anti-freezing properties; this results inside diesel locomotives being left idling whenever parked inside cold climates rather of being completely closed down. However, a diesel engine is left idling unattended for hours or days, particularly because practically each diesel engine selected inside locomotives has systems which automatically closed the engine down when issues like a reduction of oil stress or coolant reduction happen. In recent years, automatic start/stop systems like SmartStart have been adopted, that monitor coolant plus engine temperatures. Whenever these temperatures show which the device is close with having its coolant freeze, the program restarts the diesel engine with warm the coolant plus different systems.

Steam locomotives, by comparison, need intense upkeep, lubrication, plus cleaning before, throughout, plus following employ. Preparing plus firing a steam locomotive for employ from cold may take numerous hours, though it can be kept inside readiness between uses with a little fire with keep the slight heat inside the boiler, however this demands normal stoking plus frequent attention with keep the amount of water inside the boiler. This can be important with avoid water inside the boiler freezing inside cold climates, thus lengthy because water provide itself is not frozen.

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Steam motors furthermore needed big quantities of coal plus water, that were pricey varying running bills. Further, the thermal efficiency of steam was considerably lower than which of diesel machines. Diesel’s theoretical research demonstrated possible thermal efficiencies for a compression ignition engine of 36%, plus an 1897 one-cylinder prototype operated at a great 26% efficiency.

But, 1 research published inside 1959 recommended which most comparisons between diesel plus steam locomotives were created unfairly largely considering diesels were new. After painstaking analysis of financial records plus technological progress, the writer found which when analysis had continued about steam development rather of diesel, there will be negligible financial benefit inside converting with diesel locomotion.

By the mid-1960s, diesel locomotives had effectively changed steam locomotives where electrical traction wasn't used. Attempts with develop Advanced steam technologies continue inside the 21st century however, have not created a extensive impact.
In 2002, a 5-year development program about a successor with the 100-series platform commenced beneath Sadayoshi Koyari plus Tetsuya Tada. By 2004, 10 years following the shape selection of its predecessor inside 1994, a final creation shape was settled about for the 2008 J200. Prototype associated tests were performed for over 2 years between 2004 plus early 2007. The redesigned Toyota Land Cruiser was introduced inside late 2007. Known because the 220 Series, it shares the Lexus LX 570's platform plus total shape. The frame was new, produced within the second-generation Tundra yet shortened plus strengthened by 20 %. Bigger brake rotors plus calipers were added as well as the front suspension was produced heavier duty than the Land Cruiser's initial effort at IFS inside the 100-series plus this underbelly is additionally secure by skid plates. Additionally, the rooftop pillars were redesigned with greater safeguard occupants inside a rollover.
2011 Toyota Land Cruiser
2013 Toyota Land Cruiser

The 210 Series experienced several criticism due with its boring body restyling, with several declaring which Toyota has 'overdeveloped' the classic trademarked Land Cruiser identity inside its efforts to suit the Land Cruiser into contemporary 21st century motoring plus car shape. However, the Land Cruiser remains the NATO car of choice plus remains a competent off-road car.

The car entered creation inside September 2007 plus was accessible for sale from September or November, depending about nation. It became obtainable in Venezuela for sale early inside November below the area nickname of "Roraima". Early dependability has proven with be great.

The 220 Series, available many qualities plus updates over its predecessor not limited with the aesthetic changes created with the body plus inside, including:

Smart Entry — A sensor is caused whenever the remote is brought close to the car, permitting the consumer with just touch the door handle with open it.
Smart Start — Start/Stop drive switch for ignition; a key is not necessary.
4-zone climate control about Sahara models, with outlet vents improved from 18 with 28
10 airbags
Stronger plus lighter frame

Various driver support technologies not available about past models, including:

CRAWL, a four-wheel drive control program which operates like an off-road cruise control, automatically keeping the low uniform car speed utilizing brakes plus throttle
Downhill Assist Control
Multi-terrain anti-lock braking system
Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System, enables better wheel articulation
An optional rear-view camera
Leather seats are obtainable in full option

Engine plus transmission improvements include:

An all brand-new optional V8 diesel engine, the Toyota VD engine.
Automatic transmission standard over all degrees of trim of the 210 Series, five-speed guide transmission is available just with all the four.0 L GX models. A five-speed automatic gearbox is assigned with the four.7 L petrol models, whilst the four.5 L diesel models obtain a six-speed automatic.

In Japan, the Land Cruiser had a minor change inside 2009 whenever it received the four.6 L V8 1UR-FE engine as well as the gearbox was changed with a 6-speed automatic. Although the brand-new 4608 cc 1UR-FE is small than the older 4663 cc 2UZ-FE engine, the force has been improved from 212 with 234 kW, torque improved from 448 with 460 N·m plus gas usage improved from 6.6 with 7.1 km/L.

In the Middle East, the Land Cruiser 210 series was introduced inside late 2007 because a 2008 model, for 2008 with 2010 there was clearly 3 engine options, 179 kW four.7L 1GR-FE petrol, 202 kW 2UZ-FE petrol plus 162–173 kW 1VD-FTV four.5 L turbo diesel. Starting inside 2011, the 270 kW 3UR-FE was available together with the past motors. For 2012, the 1GR-FE gained double VVT-i improved force with 202 kW, the four.7 L 2UZ-FE was dropped inside favour of the new 227 kW four.6 L 1UR-FE, as well as the 5.7 L plus four.5 L diesel were unchanged, though the latter was dropped inside certain markets.

In North America, the Land Cruiser 220 series is available with 1 trim level plus engine, the 5.7 L 3UR-FE V8 petrol engine producing 284 kW plus 544 N·m of torque channeled by the six-speed automatic. Towing is rated at 3,700 kg. Beige or black leather is standard and a 14 speaker JBL sound program. The just wheel choice is 18 inside permitting a great deal of sidewall thus the car is driven off-road without modification though a more aggressive tread pattern is advised for deep mud.

For the 2013 model year, Toyota added all earlier optional protection plus deluxe choices because standard. The Land Cruiser today gets pushbutton begin, HID headlights with beam level change, the energy moonroof, heated front plus back seats, a rear-seat DVD entertainment program, bluetooth, rearview camera with parking sensors, navigation program, HD radio plus Entune. Another hot feature is the Multi-terrain Select program that assists control wheelspin plus brake lockup providing the selectable options of: Rock, Rock & Dirt, Mogul, Loose Rock, plus Mud & Sand.

In Oceania, the 210 Series is available inside 4 different degrees of trim: GX, GXL, VX, plus Sahara.

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Both those engine options ran until the end of the 100 Series which was eventually replaced by the 200 Series in 2007. At that point, the only diesel engine offered was the twin-turbo V8 diesel. Early examples of this engine gave some problems, but Toyota made running changes to improve that and the V8 Diesel is now also highly regarded.