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The Ford BA Falcon is a full-size vehicle, yielded by the Ford Motor Company of Australia between September 2002 plus October 2005. Anti-lock braking program is an vehicle protection program which enables the wheels about a engine car with keep tractive

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Sedans Wagons and Utilities.Note: this Manual DOES NOT include information specific to the vee eight or LPG models.Series Covered:* Falcon BA to BF 2002 - 2008* Fairmont BA to BF 2002 - 2008* Fairlane BA to BF 2002 - 2008* Territory SX and SY 2004 - 2009motor Covered: 4.0 liter EFI normally aspirated and Turbocharged 6 Cylinder motorsContents:* Introductory PagesIntroduction to the Falcon Fairlane Territory; About this Manual; Vehicle Identification Numbers; Buying Parts; Maintenance Techniques Tools and Working Facilities; Fraction/Decimal/Millimeter Equivalents; Jacking and Towing; Booster Battery (jump) starting; Automotive Chemicals and Lubricants; Conversion Factors; Safety First!; Troubleshooting* Tune Up and Routine Maintenance* 6 Cylinder motor* General motor Overhaul Procedures* Cooling Heating and Air Conditioning Systems* Fuel and Exhaust Systems* motor wirings* Emissions and motor Control Systems* Manual Transmission - 5 gear BTR T5 (M57) 6 Speed T56 Tremec* Auto gearbox - Four Speed BTR Model 93LE Six Speed ZFGetriebe 6HP26* Transfer Case - Venture Gear NV125* Clutch and Dreivetrain* braking system* springs and shock absorbers and Rack and pinion much more info

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models - sedans wagons and commercials including Falcons Fairmonts Fairlanes LTDs XR6 and XR6 Turbo XR8 and FPV motor car both in petrol and LPG formats (Note: does not cover RTV Ute). Covers all 6 piston motors ie petrol LPG and turbo plus the V8 motors both the Barra 220 / 230 and Boss 260 / 290: 4.0 liter (3984 cc) "Barra 182" Dual Overhead Cam 24 valve 6 piston petrol (BA BA II models) 4.0 liter (3984 cc) "Barra E-Gas" Dual Overhead Cam 24 valve 6 piston LPG (BA BA II BF BF II models) 4.0 liter (3984 cc) "Barra 240T" Dual Overhead Cam 24 valve turbo 6 piston petrol (BA BA II XR6 Turbo models) 4.0 liter (3984 cc) "Barra 190" Dual Overhead Cam 24 valve 6 piston (BF BF II models) 4.0 liter (3984 cc) "Barra 245T" Dual Overhead Cam 24 valve turbo 6 piston petrol (BF BF II XR6 Turbo models) 4.0 liter (3984 cc) "Barra F6270" Dual Overhead Cam 24 valve turbo 6 piston petrol (BA Drive and Half Shafts - IRS Steering Front Suspension Rear Suspension - Beam Axle Rear Suspension - IRS Brakes Exhaust System Fuel Tank Wheels and Tyres Windscreen Wipers Washers Heater Air Condiotioner System Supplement Restraint System (SRS) Body Electrical Diagnostic Charts Trouble full details

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Injection (incl XR6 Turbo also AWD for the Territory) gearboxs Covered: * Manual gearbox BTR T5 (M57 5 gear) * T56 Tremec 6 speed * Auto gearbox BTR 93LE 4 speed + overdrive * ZF Getriebe 6HP26 5 gear + overdrive Transfer Case: Venture Gear NV125 * DOES NOT cover LPG or Territory SZ models or electrical schematics for Falcon FG Series 11 models. Contents: * Introductory Pages About this Manual; Introduction; Vehicle Identification Numbers; Buying Parts; Maintenance Techniques Tools and Working Facilities; Booster Battery (jump) starting; Jacking and Towing; Automotive Chemicals and Lubricants; Conversion Factors; Safety First!; Troubleshooting * Tune Up and Routine Maintenance * Six piston motor * General motor Overhaul Procedures * Cooling Heating and Air Conditioning Systems * Fuel and Exhaust Systems * motor wirings * Emissions and motor Control Systems * Manual gearbox - 5 gear BTR T5 (M57) * Manual gearbox - 6 Speed T56 Tremec * Automatic gearbox - 4 Speed BTR Model 93LE * Automatic gearbox - 6 Speed ZFGetriebe 6HP26 * Transfer Case - Venture Gear NV125 * Clutch and Dreivetrain * Brakes * springs and shock absorbers and Rack and pinion Systems * Body * Chassis related info

The Ford BA Falcon is a full-size vehicle, yielded by the Ford Motor Company of Australia between September 2002 plus October 2005. The outdoor styling of the BA became a significant revision of which chosen for the preceding AU model, each panel except the door skins was newly tailored. A unique independent back suspension setup was fitted with all sedan derivatives, as well as the engine plus transmission received extensive upgrades. In late 2004, Ford introduced a Mark II update, delivering subtle styling plus mechanical changes, plus twelve months following which, changed the BA with all the BF. The model's marketplace share quickly topped which of its chief rival, the Holden Commodore about 2 times, however, have failed with match those of the record-breaking EL Falcon. In the final months of 2002, the BA model received the influential Wheels Car of the Year honor, breaking a 36-year drought. The BA furthermore earned 4 straight Australia's Best Cars awards, spanning 3 years.

Anti-lock braking program is an vehicle protection program which enables the wheels about a engine car with keep tractive contact with all the road surface according with driver inputs whilst braking, preventing the wheels from locking up plus avoiding uncontrolled skidding. It is an automated program which utilizes the principles of threshold braking plus cadence braking that were practiced by skillful motorists with past generation braking systems. It does this at a much quicker rate plus with greater control than a driver might manage.

ABS commonly provides improved car control plus reduces stopping ranges about dry plus slippery surfaces for several drivers; but, about loose surfaces like gravel or snow-covered pavement, ABS may greatly strengthen braking distance, though nonetheless improving car control.

Because initial common employ inside manufacturing vehicles, anti-lock braking systems have evolved considerably. Recent versions not just avoid wheel lock below braking, and electronically control the front-to-rear brake bias. This function, depending about its particular functions plus implementation, is well-known as electronic brakeforce distribution, traction control program, emergency brake support, or electronic stability control.
The BA model represented a A$500 million investment, plus 24,000 hours of engine plus durability testing. Germany’s Nürburgring test track was selected for certain suspension testing. The anti-lock brakes plus electronic stability control were calibrated inside Sweden, and also Australia.
XR8 inside fitted with all the premium sound package plus optional "Luxury Pack".
Exterior design

Exterior styling was led by shape director Scott Strong, then chief designer for Ford Australia. After Strong departed from surgery at Ford inside 2001, Simon Butterworth took over this character. Ford Australia's intention was with create a European influence for the car, whereby many aspects of the AU's "New Edge" shape will be revised. The happen became a extensive update of the existing AU body shell, instead of a completely hot shape. The BA model introduced an integrated aerial inside the car’s back window, rather of the traditional retractable antenna. The aerial location improved the vehicle's aerodynamics plus ended the breakage issues which had plagued the retractable sort found about past models. Interestingly, interference within the engine didn't affect the radio reception.
From the inside, the "New Edge" interior of the AU was discarded inside favour of the modern fashion, based on European designs. Marcus Hotblack, the director of inside shape, focused about improving consumer friendliness. The resulting shape was an ergonomically-correct inside control centre, highlighted by the satin-finish centre system. The theme was further extended by the sound plus cruise control switches' place found on the steering wheel.
2002–2004 Ford BA Falcon Futura sedan

A prominent feature of the modern control centre became a big fluid crystal show that shown info in regards to the air conditioner device plus sound program. Buyers could choose a premium sound package, standard found on the Fairmont Ghia, that included a full-colour screen. Ventilation outlets were heavier than those of past models, causing a cabin which may be more effectively plus effectively heated or cooled. Another change was the headlamp switch, that was today positioned found on the end of the turn signal stalk for simpler reach.

Interior color schemes varied from model with model, however shared a popular shape approach. The entry-level XT showcased a black plastic panel for the upper half of the dashboard, with either a black, charcoal, or beige panel for the lower half. Not all variants available the distinctive color palette; the sports variants couldn't be optioned with all the two-tone interior.
Automotive aerodynamics is the research of the aerodynamics of road cars. Its key objectives are reducing drag plus wind sound, reducing sound emission, plus preventing undesired lift forces plus alternative causes of aerodynamic instability at significant speeds. For certain classes of racing cars, it will additionally be significant with make downforce with enhance traction and therefore cornering abilities.
Powerplants consisted of both straight-sixes plus V8s, with all the entry-level Barra 182 six-cylinder being a substantial improvement over the AU Falcon's six. The base model engine contained significant mechanical changes including double infinitely varying cam timing for a gain of 25 kilowatts of energy for a total of 182 kilowatts. The Barra 182 may furthermore take benefit of high octane fuels, where a tiny heighten of torque is attained. The 156-kilowatt LPG-only Barra E-Gas engine was available because an alternative about lower specification models.
LPG-powered variants of the BA range are popular because taxis throughout Australia.

A turbocharged variant of the Barra engine was introduced inside a new XR6 Turbo model plus yielded 240 kilowatts of energy. A 5.4 litre V8 changed the Windsor engine of the AU. The brand-new V8 had been a modified variation of Ford's North American Modular V8 obtainable in 2 variants: the Barra 220 generating 220 kilowatts along with a 260 kilowatts Boss 260. The new engine was smoother, more gas effective, plus quieter than the engine it changed.
Engine Engine Power Torque
four.0 L Barra 182 I6 182 kW 380 N·m
four.0 L Barra E-Gas I6 156 kW 372 N·m
four.0 L Barra 240T I6 240 kW 450 N·m
5.4 L Barra 220 V8 220 kW 470 N·m
5.4 L Boss 260 V8 260 kW 500 N·m

Two transmissions were accessible for the BA—a four-speed automatic along with a five-speed guide, both floor-mounted. The automatic device showcased Sequential Sports Shift, a initially for the Falcon nameplate inside Australia. Utility body designs were equally accessible with an optional column-mounted automatic shifter inside lieu of the floor-mounted program equally available. The unique Control-Blade independent back suspension fitted with all sedans—first utilized inside development of the Ford Focus as well as the Jaguar X-Type— was superior with the optional double wishbone IRS suspension chosen about AU sedans, plus was cheaper. But, it was heavier than the past live back axle utilized for base models, as well as the change provided with the base model XT sedan's 130 kg fat heighten within the past model. The wagons plus utilities retained the leaf spring reside axle back suspension of the AU wagon plus utility; consequently, they didn't gain because much fat because the sedan.

The BA Falcon was equally easier found on the road, with improved towing functions from past models. Fuel usage inside the Barra 182 was calculated at 12.5 L/100 km for city driving plus 8.2 L/100 km for highway driving. These numbers were government figures, calculated inside utilizing a dynamometer. Real-world testing has shown which an additional 12% is consumed.
The straight-six engine or inline-six engine is an internal combustion engine with all the cylinders installed inside a straight line over the crankcase with the pistons driving a well-known crankshaft.

The bank of cylinders can be oriented at any angle, plus where the bank is inclined with the vertical, the engine is often called a slant-six. The straight-six design is the easiest engine design which has both main plus secondary mechanical engine balance, causing far less vibration than machines with fewer cylinders.
Falcon XT

Marketed mostly towards the fleet industry, the entry-level Falcon XT available inside the many numbers. Featuring the base Barra 182 six-cylinder engine, air conditioner, front energy windows, plus five-speed guide, with all the choice of the four-speed automatic, the XT was available inside sedan plus station wagon body kinds. The Barra 220 V8 engine was accessible because an alternative. Judges of the Australia's Best Cars awards crowned the XT Best Family Car inside 2002, plus again inside 2004, with all the Futura getting the honor inside 2003.

The semi-luxury Futura variant was seriously based found on the XT, plus advertised towards families. Futura models gained cruise control, 16 inch alloy wheels, back force windows plus full body-coloured side-view mirrors plus side-protection moldings. However, side-impact airbags plus energy adjustable pedals were just accessible because choices.
Falcon XR6
The eight-cylinder XR8 muscle sedan, produces 260 kilowatts of force.

Building found on the highlights of the XT, Ford Australia at 1 point considered not releasing the sports-oriented Falcon XR6 due to the fresh XR6 Turbo model. However, Ford overturned this choice before manufacturing. A especially tailored body kit recognized the XR6 from alternative variants, except for the XR6 Turbo plus XR8 that shared the sports bodywork. The naturally aspirated engine was identical with the engine employed found on the XT plus Futura, as well as the five-speed guide transmission came because standard.

The newly introduced Falcon XR6 Turbo received important acclaim at release, as well as the Australia's Best Car's judges even granted it the Best Sports automobile below $57,000 inside 2002. At heart visually identical with the XR6, the turbocharged derivative gained additional attributes, with all the more turbocharger increasing the car's total force output with 240 kilowatts. The turbocharger is a Garrett GT35/40 device.
Falcon XR8

Being the flagship sports variant, the XR8 credited specifically tuned sports suspension, seating trim exhibiting the "XR" insignia, 17 inch wheels as well as the modern 5.4 litre Boss 260 engine, outputting 20 % more force than the past model.

The Fairmont model opened up the deluxe sector for the BA range. Externally, the Fairmont might be recognized within the additional BA models with its 16-inch alloy wheels plus gray mesh grille with chrome surround. Many of the standard qualities included traction control plus dual-zone climate control air conditioner, an analogue clock found on the top centre system stack, lumber grain features, plus velour upholstery. AutoLamp automatic headlights, that switch off or about depending about surrounding ecological conditions, were today standard found on the Fairmont model. Additionally for this, the Fairmont additionally received illuminated footwells. The standard mechanical setup carried over within the XT, though customers may choose the Barra 220 V8 engine.
Fairmont Ghia

By far the many pricey variant inside the BA range, the Fairmont Ghia showcased leather upholstery, lumber grain features, full force choices along with a special suspension assembly. The premium sound program, that included the full-colour LCD screen, was standard, as well as the centre system stack was characterised by an analogue clock. Reverse parking sensors were accessible for the first-time inside the BA, standard found on the Ghia. The sensors feature an automatic turn-off function for utilize whenever towing a boat or trailer for illustration.
The initially FR vehicle was an 1895 Panhard model, thus this design was recognised as the "Système Panhard" inside the early years. The design has the benefit of reducing mechanical complexity, because it authorized the transmission with be located in-line with all the engine output shaft, spreading fat below the car. In comparison, a car with all the engine over the driven wheels eliminates the requirement for the drive shaft, yet has the drawback of focusing all fat inside 1 place.

In purchase with lower the relative fat of the drive shaft, the transmission was usually split into 2 components, the gearbox as well as the final drive. The gearbox was usually yielded with its highest gear being 1:1, that has certain mechanical blessings. The final drive, inside the back axle, might then decrease this with the many appropriate speed for the wheels. As energy is the product of torque plus angular velocity, spinning the shaft quicker for any provided energy reduces the torque plus enables a lighter shaft construction.

In an era whenever gasoline was inexpensive plus vehicles were thick, the mechanical blessings of the FR drivetrain design prepared up for any drawback inside fat terms. It stayed virtually universal amidst automobile designs till the 1970s.

After the Arab Oil Embargo of 1973 as well as the 1979 gas crises, a most of American FR cars were phased out for the FF design - this trend might spawn the SUV/van conversion marketplace. Throughout the 1980s plus 1990s, many American businesses set because a concern the eventual reduction of rear-wheel drive off their mainstream plus deluxe lineup. Chrysler went 100% FF by 1990 plus GM's American manufacturing went completely FF by 1997 except the Corvette, Firebird plus Camaro. Ford's Mustang has stayed rear-wheel drive, because it should keep the stylish presence, because were Ford's full-size vehicles based found on the Ford Panther platform till they were discontinued inside 2011 inside favour of the Ford Taurus, that has a transverse front-wheel-drive design.

Many producers, including Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Porsche plus Chevrolet, retained this design however, moved the gearbox from behind the engine with involving the back wheels, placing more fat over the driven axle. This configuration is usually called a transaxle because the transmission plus axle are 1 device.

In Australia, FR vehicles stayed prevalent throughout this period, with all the Holden Commodore plus Ford Falcon having consistently sturdy sales, though Ford has frequently threatened with substitute the Falcon with a front-wheel-drive automobile. In Europe, front-wheel drive was popularized by tiny vehicles like the Mini, Renault 5 plus Volkswagen Golf plus adopted for all mainstream vehicles. Upscale marques like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, plus Jaguar stayed largely independent of the trend, plus retained a lineup largely or completely produced up of FR vehicles. Japanese mainstream marques like Toyota were virtually only FR till the late 1970s plus early 1980s. Toyota's initially FF car was the Toyota Tercel, with all the Corolla & Celica later becoming FF when the Camry being crafted because an FF within the beginning. The Supra, plus Cressida stayed FR. Luxury division Lexus has a largely FR lineup. The truth a driveshaft is required with transfer energy with the back wheels signifies a big centre tunnel between your back seats. consequently, vehicles like the Mazda RX8 as well as the Porsche Panamera forego a centre back seat, plus separate both seats with a centre tunnel.

Currently many vehicles are FF, including all front-engined economy vehicles, though FR vehicles are creating a return because an alternative with big sport-utility cars. In North America, GM returned with creation of FR based deluxe cars with all the 2003 Cadillac CTS. As of 2012 all however the SRX plus XTS are FR based cars. Chevrolet reintroduced the FR based Camaro inside 2009, as well as the Caprice PPV inside 2011. Pontiac furthermore had a brief run with all the FR based G8 plus Pontiac Solstice. A Chevrolet Replacement for the G8 called the Chevrolet SS was introduced inside 2013 plus utilizes the FR design. Chrysler plus Dodge reintroduced the 300 plus Charger about a FR platform. They equally keep FR design found on the today unibody Durango. Hyundai plus Kia have furthermore been using hot FR based cars inside the US, the Genesis Coupe plus Sedan, the Equus as well as the brand-new Kia Quoris. Ford found on the alternative hand appears with be moving away from FR based cars with all the discontinuation of the Panther Platform, as well as the E-series, Transit, Mustang plus Australia-market Falcon are truly the only remaining FR cars inside their lineup.
Piston engine balancing is a complicated topic which covers several regions inside the shape, creation, tuning plus procedure. The engine regarded as perfectly balanced inside a specific use can make unacceptable amount of vibration inside another use for the difference inside driven mass plus mounting way, plus slight variations inside resonant frequencies of the environment plus engine components can be big factors inside throwing a smooth surgery off balance. Additionally with the massive regions which should be covered as well as the delicate nature, terminologies popular with describe engine balance are usually incorrectly understood and/or improperly defined not merely inside everyday discussions and inside countless articles about respected magazines.

Internal combustion piston motors, by description, are converter equipment with transform vitality inside intermittent combustion into stamina inside mechanical motion. A slider-crank device is utilized inside creating a chemical response about gas with air, plus converting the vitality into rotation. The intermittent vitality source combined with all the nature of the system result in the engine naturally vibration-prone. Multi-cylinder configuration plus most engine shape ingredients are reflections of the effort with lower vibrations from the act of balancing.
The BA series Falcon utility was introduced inside October 2002 inside six models guises.

XL Cab Chassis
XL Styleside
XLS Cab Chassis
XLS Styleside
XR6 Styleside
XR6 Turbo

These were later joined by 2 extra models:

XR8: re-introduced with the range early inside 2003.
RTV: was introduced inside September 2003. The name "RTV" stood for "Rugged Terrain Vehicle" plus showcased an improved ride height, more underbody security, a lockable back differential, a special grille, flared guards plus 16 inch alloy wheels. Originally dubbed "Hi-Ride" before release, inside early 2003 Ford Australia held a competition to locate a name for this variant, with "RTV" announced because the winning entrant inside July.
Ford introduced the Mk II Falcon inside October 2004 with keep sales interest till the 2005 introduction of the BF update. Modifications included certain aesthetic changes along with a unique six-speed Tremec T56 guide transmission substituting the five-speeder about XR6 Turbo plus XR8 models.

The Mk II XT included the following changes over the Mk I: MKII badge, wider spokes found on the hubcaps, car headlights, cruise control standard, along with a different cup holder.

The Futura model gained force adjustable pedals, plus side airbags, with a DVD entertainment program being available about upmarket trim degrees. The XR8 sedan variant equally received the premium sound program.
A machine consists of the energy source along with a force transmission program, that offers controlled application of the force. Merriam-Webster defines transmission because an assembly of components including the speed-changing gears as well as the propeller shaft by that the force is sent from an engine with a live axle. Frequently transmission pertains merely with the gearbox which utilizes gears plus gear trains with offer speed plus torque conversions from a rotating energy source with another device.

In British English, the expression transmission pertains with the entire drivetrain, including clutch, gearbox, prop shaft, differential, plus final drive shafts. In American English, still, the expression pertains more particularly with the gearbox alone, as well as the use details are different.

The most commonly known utilize is within engine cars, where the transmission adapts the output of the internal combustion engine with the drive wheels. Such machines should work at a comparatively excellent rotational speed, that is wrong for beginning, stopping, plus slower travel. The transmission reduces the high engine speed with the slower wheel speed, improving torque inside the task. Transmissions are equally employed about pedal bicycles, fixed machines, plus anywhere rotational speed plus torque need to be modified.

Frequently, a transmission has numerous gear ratios, with all the ability with change between them because speed varies. This switching can be performed manually, or automatically. Directional control could furthermore be offered. Single-ratio transmissions equally exist, that just change the speed plus torque of engine output.

In engine cars, the transmission commonly is associated with the engine crankshaft through a flywheel and/or clutch and/or fluid coupling, partly considering internal combustion machines cannot run under a certain speed. The output of the transmission is sent through driveshaft with 1 or even more differentials, which, drive the wheels. While a differential will moreover supply gear reduction, its main cause is with allow the wheels at either end of a axle with turn at different speeds because it changes the way of rotation.

Conventional gear/belt transmissions are not truly the only device for speed/torque adaptation. Alternative mechanisms include torque converters plus force transformation. Hybrid designs equally exist.

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